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What Is an E-ATX Motherboard

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If you’re reading this website, there’s a chance you’re at least somewhat interested in computers and know there’s a broad range of motherboard options. And with the motherboard being among the integral components of a computer, it doesn’t come as a surprise if you wish to learn more about them. 

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These different sizes and shapes with which you can get the motherboard is usually referred to as the form factor, which refers to the motherboard’s shape and layout integrated into many average computers. If you’re unfamiliar with this form factor, look no further, as below is a complete article on what’s EATX motherboard. 

In addition, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of using the EATX motherboard, which is relevant information you need to know. Let’s get started. 

What’s EATX Motherboard?  

EATX or Extended ATX is a motherboard form factor that is wider and longer than what most people normally think of as “ATX.” The difference in length, which is about half an inch, can make all the difference in certain builds. The main benefits of EATX motherboards include increased airflow, higher-end CPU coolers, and room for more internal components.

The EATX motherboard is essentially an upgrade to the standard ATX motherboard. This specialized motherboard for computer cases is 12 x 13 inches, thereby can comfortably accommodate the largest of components. The additional space on the EATX motherboard is used for different uses, and these are: 

  • Eight extra RAM slots.
  • A second CPU.
  • Room for up to eight PCIe slots

Besides accommodating more internal components, EATX motherboards have other benefits, including increased airflow and higher-end CPU coolers

Unique Traits of the EATX Motherboard 

Since you now have a general understanding of an EATX motherboard, we’ll take a deeper look at its other unique aspects.


The size of the EATX motherboard of 12 x 13 inches is the first thing that differentiates this motherboard from the ATX, which is two inches smaller. This additional room is there to create room for extra storage space and specs. Because of this, the EATX motherboard is used for running server functions. 

Having a bigger size of the EATX, unlike the ATX, is advantageous because it creates extra room for the GPU, thereby making it simpler to use. In addition, the bigger surface area promotes improved heat dissipation, thereby preventing excessive warmth. 


Because the EATX motherboard is among the biggest options, it can easily be used for a broad range of functions because it supports different ports. The preparation of this EATX requires 4 to 8 PCIe x 16 ports and six to 8 RAM power. 

You also get the option to add two and several other graphic cards to your EATX motherboard, albeit all this will cost a considerable expense. However, this requires skill, and you need to perform Crossfire or SLI. Some of the unique features of this motherboard you need to know are: 

USB and Ethernet Port

It’s a crucial component of the EATX motherboard that assists get additional and more exterior ports. The Ethernet and USB ports allow you to connect numerous other appliances to software, such as an external storage gadget that can be connected to computers.  

Storage or Repository 

Another important periphery that you can expand to the PCI Express lots is storage or repository. This feature incorporates numerous functions such as furnishing with numerous SATA ports that don’t exceed 6. In addition, SATA will pertain to multiple portions for additional storage. 

With this Intel Optane gadget, you’ll be in a position to boost and promote the functions and accomplishments of your computer by promoting rapid information.  

PCI-E Slots 

This factor and function are especially crucial for gamers and other users. Because of its format, PCI-E slots offer you lots of advantages that come in double and additional ports. Also, different PCI Express slots are supported by numerous EATX form factors.

However, there are times when you’ll be required to get PCI-EX16, which boosts speeds to 4GB/s individual orientation. Doing this divides graphics procedure quantity across different GPUs. 


The EATX motherboard provides you with an infinite quantity of RAM, which can support numerous RAM slots and add up ATX spec. There’s also the option of getting 256GB of RAM, and its different DIMM slots total between six and eight. 

Nonetheless, don’t make any radical change without first confirming your computer remembering sections perform with predictable conditions.  


If there’s one area that the EATX differentiates itself from the rest motherboard form factors is when it comes to price because it doesn’t come cheap. But this is expected when you consider this motherboard comes with advanced features. As a result, its performance is exceptional and comes installed with numerous memory slots

Knowing what this motherboard has got to offer, it doesn’t surprise that it costs twice as much as the other options. However, you can also find some cheap EATX motherboards on the market, but their performance usually isn’t good. And if you have the budget to get one, this shouldn’t be difficult, considering they’re easily accessible in the marketplace.     

Advantages and Disadvantages of the EATX Motherboard

If you’re on the fence about whether the EATX motherboard is a great choice for you, reading about its advantages and disadvantages will help you ease your mind into making a decision. Here are the pros and cons of using the EATX motherboard; 


  • It comes with a lot of space, creating space for installing memory
  • It has extra expansion ports, which translates to more GPUs, enhancing gaming performance.
  • The bigger size of this board provides excellent overclocking and cooling of the components. 


  • This motherboard isn’t ideal for editors or hobbyists gamers because it’s very expensive
  •  Its features and extra size for most users can somewhat be overkill. 


If you don’t have much knowledge of computer systems, reading this guide on EATX motherboards has provided you with in-depth knowledge about them. And with countless motherboards on the market, learning more about EATX motherboards makes it easier to find out whether it’s an ideal fit for your needs, be it gaming or normal day-to-day activities.

And to help you come to a prudent decision, this guide has outlined everything to know about EATX motherboards. Knowing this will help you determine whether this motherboard is what you’ve been searching for. 

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