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What Is Blender Software Used For?


Blender is an open-source software tool for creating animated films, art, 3D-printed models, interactive 3D applications, visual effects, motion graphics, video games, and virtual reality. It was developed by the Blender Foundation in 1994 and has one of the fastest-growing online communities in the tech space today. 

Quick Answer

Blender is a 3D computer software tool used by amateurs and professionals to create high-quality 3D objects and animations. It is also used to build 3D games for PCs and mobiles. The Blender software is developed with high-end features that make its use extensive. 

Despite the extensive features of the Blender software, it is 100% free to download. It is an excellent software tool for a beginner venturing into graphics design. And due to its versatility, industry professionals worldwide have adopted its use.

Find out more about the great uses of the Blender software in this article.  

What Can You Do With the Blender Software?

The Blender software is a bit more diverse than most 3D software in the industry. It is compatible with most OS, like Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. Although its system requirement is a bit steep, it is completely self-contained software that does not require a connection to the internet to use. 

Below are some things you can use the Blender software to do.

Use #1: 3D Modeling 

The primary use of the Blender software is for 3D scenes and objects. The Blender software comes with a 3D viewport and suite, a modeling tool that allows users to create any object or scenario in a 3D space. By manipulating the geometry’s vertices, faces, and edges, you can use the Blender software to control the form of any 3D object.  

There are many ways you can create objects when using Blender, as there are different toolsets to accommodate these methods, which is why the software stands out. And when the 3D object is created, you can upload it in an appropriate game environment or do with it as you see fit. 

Use #2: Sculpturing 

With the Blender software, you can create different types of 3D modeling, particularly mesh-based models or sculpturing. With the sculpting toolkit in the Blender software, you can add a significant amount of details to 3D objects in far less time than a standard modeling tool. 

Sculpting is often used in developing video game characters through a process known as baking. Baking involves mapping the details of a high poly model to low poly ones. Sculpting also comes in handy when creating high-quality animations or renders, which the Blender software provides. 

Use #3: Texturing and Unwrapping

After creating an image, it is essential to add some colors to make it look more realistic. With the Blender software, you can easily access a powerful engine to add texture and UV mapping to objects. With this engine, you can create various appearances on your objects. 

You have access to all sorts of texturing tools like diffusion, opacity, back-lighting, light reflection, etc., to give you the effect you are looking for. The UV unwrapping tool can flatten your model’s surface to easily paint the texture. And you can even use the Blender software to add texture to objects created outside Blender, provided it is in a supported file format. 

Use #4: Logo Design 

The Blender software comes with several drawing brushes and tools you can use to create different types of logos. You can use the software to create a 2D or 3D logo in the standard viewport. It also comes with tools you can use to create 2D or 3D text, which can be essential, depending on the type of logo you are designing. 

You can use many tools in Blender to create a logo design. If all you have is a bitmap or paper print of a logo, you can trace it with several brushes to recreate the logo. Although tracing a logo can be a bit tedious, one thing is sure: you will be able to get your desired result with the Blender software. 

Use #5: Animation 

If you’d like to give your model some life rather than sitting around looking pretty, you want to explore Blender’s animation and rigging tools. With this tool, you can give life to any of your creations and make them move as you desire. 

You can use Blender’s rigging tools when you want to create a more complex animation for your model. These tools can be from creating the armature to placing and adding bones to parenting and unparenting the bones to achieve the desired movement. And using the Blender software can make the process smooth for you by automatically filling in the movement between your keyframes. So, you need to set the start and end pose. However, if you are unsatisfied with the automation result, you can always fine-tune it to suit your taste. 

Keep in Mind

Beyond the basic tools in Blender, there are lots more to discover, such as the powerful rendering engine, built-in scripting, visual effects, physics simulation, grease pencil, and so much more.


Whether you are learning 3D designing or looking for a way to create a 3D design, Blender is an excellent free-of-cost tool you can use. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating game-related content, NFT, or even video content; the software tool gives you the technical tools you need to be at your best. 

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