What Is RTT on Android Phone?

What Is Rtt On Android Phone 1

Androids are great for communication, either through text messages or phone calls. Communicating on phone calls can be tricky for people with speech and hearing impairments. So, Android developed the RTT feature to help. But what is this RTT feature on Android phones? 

Quick Answer

Whether you have speech/hearing impairment or not, there’s so much you need to learn about RTT on an Android phone. Real-Time Text (RTT) is a feature that lets you use text to communicate during a phone call, and it is designed to work with the text telephone mode.  

Imagine a world where you can communicate via text during a phone call? That’s what RTT will do for you on your Android phone. So, we’ve decided to explain all you need to know about this

What Is RTT on Android Phones?

Real-Time Text (RTT) is a text transmitted instantly to the receiving end as it is typed. 

On an Android phone, recipients can read text messages in real-time (as the sender is typing them) with no waiting period. RTT is a unique feature that requires no additional accessories.  

RTT enables instant messaging on an Android phone. You can turn it on from phone settings, which involves turning on “Always Visible” from the hearing enhancements accessibility mode. 


Whenever RTT is enabled on both devices on Android phones, you will hear no audio on the phone call. So, ensure RTT is turned off if you can’t hear audio on a phone call.

How To Use RTT on Android Phone

You can use RTT on an Android phone by making a call or switching from voice to RTT during a call. We will look at the steps you must follow to use RTT Android phones.

How To Make a Call With RTT

  1. Visit the home screen and tap the Phone icon.
  2. From the “Dialpad” tab (lower left), enter the number you want to call.
  3. Tap the RTT call icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the contact you want to call from the “Contact” tab (lower right).
  5. Tap the RTT call icon to dial the number of the selected contact 
  6. While the call connects, the receiver will get a notification to join the RTT call.
  7. Once the receiver picks the call, enter a message in the text field.

While typing a message, the receiver can see what you’re typing in real-time. Once you’re done with the call, ensure you tap “End Call” to disconnect the RTT call on your Android phone. 

How To Switch a Call to RTT

  1. During a phone call, tap “Real-Time Text (RTT)“.
  2. Enter a message in the text field while the call is on.
  3. The message you entered will be visible to the other person as you type.

This option is only available if you’ve enabled RTT as “Always Visible“. This means the RTT call icon will be visible on your phone screen during a call. You can switch a call to RTT whether you started or received the call. For selected carriers, you can either merge or hold calls on RTT


RTT is not accessible on all Android phones. Check with your carrier to find out if you can use RTT on your Android device. You can also visit the Google Support page for assistance. Check out this link:

How To Turn Off RTT on Android Phone

There are a few ways to turn off RTT on an Android phone. These steps will guide you in turning off RTT on Android phones.

  1. Unlock your Android to visit the home screen.
  2. Swipe up the home screen and tap the Phone icon.
  3. Navigate the display screen to select the “Menu” option.
  4. Select “Settings” from the list of options displayed.
  5. Select “Accessibility” from the list of settings option.
  6. Tap “Real-Time Text (RTT) Call” to turn off RTT on your Android.
  7. Tap “OK” if you see a “No Video Calls” or “Call Merging” prompt.


Many Android users have the RTT feature on their devices but don’t know what it means or how to use it. So, we’ve decided to render assistance by explaining what RTT means and how to use it. RTT will let you send text messages on a phone call without requiring you to hit send. 

The recipients of RTT messages can immediately read any message they receive while it is being typed in real-time, and they don’t have to wait a few seconds like standard text messaging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a call with RTT enabled?

To make a call with RTT enabled, simply navigate the home screen and tap the Phone icon. Then, select your preferred contact to dial the number. The RTT call screen will then display once the call connects. 

What is the purpose of the RTT call?

RTT call allows those with hearing or speech impairments to communicate via text during a phone call. RTT works with a TTY (Teletypewriter) device without needing other accessories.

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