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What Is the App Drawer?

App Drawer

If you’ve changed from iPhone to Android, you may look for all your apps and can’t find them. It’s because you’re stumbling on the home screen. To access all apps on Android is a little different than on iPhone. How can you access all apps on Android?

Quick Answer

To access apps on Android, you need to open the app drawer. Swipe up from the bottom or click the app drawer icon to access it.

This article will discuss the app drawer and how you can effectively use Android’s app drawer feature.

What Is the App Drawer?

iPhone users are used to utilizing home screens for all their apps. But this is not the story for Android mobiles. 

The app drawer in Android is where you can find all your installed apps. Whenever you install an app, it goes into your app drawer. It’s like a drawer where you put all your valuables. 

Whenever you install an app, your android phone automatically places it at the end of the list. Android phones like Samsung allow you to sort your app drawer but not every Android mobile. 

Quick Tip

The fastest to access and run an on Android phones is through the app drawer.

Difference Between the App Drawer and Home Screen

When you use an Android phone, you may not spot the difference. Both are similar, but the primary difference is between their functionality.

The home screen contains some apps, whereas the app drawer holds all your installed apps. Your home screen possesses your favorite apps or most frequently used apps. 

You can remove any app on the home screen without uninstalling it. Meanwhile, you need to uninstall the app to remove it from the app drawer.

Look in the app drawer if you can’t find an app on your home screen. Can’t you see that app in the app drawer? Then the app isn’t installed on your phone. 

How To Access the App Drawer

The irony of the app drawer is that you can only access the app drawer from your home screen. There are only two methods to open the app drawer. Let’s discuss both ways to access the drawer.

Method #1: Through the Icon

If you’re new to Android, you may have overlooked the nine-dotted icon docked at your home screen. This is the icon of the app drawer. 

Click on the dotted icon to open the app drawer. It can be six or nine dots arranged symmetrically

Method #2: Swipe Up

You haven’t found any dotted icon that leads to the app drawer. Now, how will you access the app drawer?

Don’t worry! You may find an arrow on the bottom pointing above. This icon indicated the app drawer. Just swipe up, and a new app drawer screen will open up on your screen. 

Features of the App Drawer

You may wonder why you need an app drawer when your home screen can host all the apps. It’s because of its features.

Other than features, it lets you have your favorite apps on your home screen, optimizing your productivity. With fewer apps, your home screen will be aesthetically pleasing. And who doesn’t love an aesthetic home screen? 

Let’s dig deep into some of the characteristics that make it worthwhile.

Search Bar

Finding the one you want to use becomes a hassle when you’ve installed a bunch of apps on your phone. For this problem, the app drawer offers you the feature of a search bar.

You can simply type the app’s name on the search bar to find it. It saves a lot of your time. 


Your phone places a newly installed app on the last by default, but some mobile allows you to change the sorting

You need to press on the three-dotted icon located above to access app drawer settings. Here you can change the sorting of apps to sort “Alphabetically”. Some phones offer more sorting options. 


Android phones not only allow you to create folders on the home screen. But they also allow you to create folders in the app drawer.

Drag any app above another app to create a folder. You can rename the folder.


Although all apps can be stored on your home screen, the app drawer gives more features. You can customize your app drawer and optimize your workflow.

Place your favorite and frequently used apps on the home screen and utilize the app drawer for other apps. The app drawer lets you enjoy your clean and aesthetically pleasing home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore the app drawer icon on my Android?

Long-press any empty part of your home screen to restore the app drawer icon. Now, press the “Home Screen Settings” icon. On the menu, select the “Apps” button. Choose the “Show Apps” button and click “Apply”.

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