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What Is the Spooler SubSystem App?

What Is The Spooler Subsystem App

If you have gone through your PC’s task management, you may have seen something like the Spooler SubSystem app. This app may sometimes consume a considerable chunk of your system resources, making you wonder if it is a virus. So, what is the Spooler SubSystem app? 

Quick Answer

The Spooler SubSystem app is a system service responsible for spooling printing tasks. The app is an intermediary that sends any files you want to print to the printer. Any time a program sends a file to a printer, the Spooler SubSystem app adds it to a queue so you can print multiple files simultaneously

The Spooler app on your PC is quite useful, but it can sometimes use a lot of your CPU and encounter errors. In this article, we will elaborate more on the Spooler app. We will also explain why it uses so much of your PC resources and what to do in such a case. 

Why Do All PCs Come With the Spooler SubSystem App? 

The Spooler SubSystem app is a system app that is crucial for printing and faxing files. If the Spooler app malfunctions, you will be unable to print or fax files with your PC. As long as you use a Windows PC, manufacturers will ship the Spooler SubSystem app with your PC. 

When you send multiple files to your printer, either with the same app or different apps, the Spooler app stores the printing data in your PC memory. Also, the Spooler feeds the printing data to the printer in the exact order it was sent to be printed. 

So, immediately after one file is done printing, the Spooler app sends the following file to the printer, and the next, until it is done printing everything on the file. Thanks to the Spooler app on your PC, you don’t have to wait around until one file is done printing before the following file is printed. 

Interestingly, after you send a file to the printer and it is stored in the Spooler app, you can decide to terminate the printing order if the printer has not already printed it. To cancel a printing order, simply launch the Spooler app and cancel the file before it is sent to the printer. 

Keep in Mind

When you want to print a new file, take note if there are any pending files in the Spooler app. If there are files in the Spooler app, it will print those files before any new file you send. So, if you don’t need the files, ensure you clear them before sending your file to the printer.

Why Does the Spooler SubSystem App Use High PC Resources? 

If you notice your PC is lagging or running too slow, it helps to check your task manager to inspect how apps are using your CPU and memories. Sometimes, you may find that the Spooler SubSystem app uses many of your PC resources. Ideally, the Spooler app is not meant to use so much of your PC resources, so if you are experiencing this issue, it can be one of three things. 

Wrong Configuration 

One of the leading causes of the Spooler app using so much of your PC resources is when the printer is wrongly configured. For instance, when the driver is missing or outdated, it could cause the app to work overtime trying to print a file. You can fix this issue by updating the drivers on your PC. You could take it a step further by running the troubleshooter for the printer in your PC Settings app

Issues With the Printing System

Another reason the Spooler app on your PC may be using so many resources could be because of an issue with the printing system. Sometimes, it could be that your printer queue is full, which is why the Spooler app is using so much of your system memories. You can fix this issue by clearing the files queued in the Spooler app. 


The Spooler app is not a virus; however, a malicious program can mirror the app and may be causing your PC to use so much of your PC resources. To be sure the Spooler app is legitimate and not a virus, right-click on the app in the task manager and check its properties

Key Takeaway

Generally, the Spooler app does not take up many CPU resources. The Spooler app only uses your CPU and memory space when performing a printing job.


As you can see from this guide, the Spooler SubSystem app is vital to have on your PC. You could close the app if you are experiencing any issues like high CPU and memory usage. You also have the option to disable it, but we don’t recommend you do so, as you wouldn’t be able to print without the app. 

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