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What Is Viewfinder on Apple Watch?

Checking On Apple Watch

Apple features many characteristics and enhancements when it comes to camera performance, and such utilities also provide multiple methods for taking advantage of the Apple ecosystem. However, the base premise is to enable more connectivity in-between the devices.

Quick Answer

The Viewfinder on the Apple Watch is an application that allows smooth pairing with your host iPhone to preview camera framing. It is used for taking photos and videos on your iPhone through the Apple Watch. 

Aside from the benefits, pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone can also double as a decent vlogging Viewfinder, given that you know how to do it correctly. 

This guide will take you through setting up the Viewfinder and utilizing it best. Let’s dive in.

Using Viewfinder on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Most of the Apple Watch processes and functionalities are controlled through the mobile application, and the process will be pretty familiar if you have tried messing with your settings. Despite this, the rapid connection technology between Apple devices promises a smooth experience no matter where you try it. 

Here are the steps needed to use Viewfinder on the Apple Watch.

Step #1: Pair Your iPhone With the Apple Watch

You need to connect your mobile phone with Apple Watch to establish a means of communication. Most of this process is autonomous, so you’ll only need to have the devices up close for this to work.

Here is how you can pair your iPhone with Apple Watch on the latest watchOS.

  1. Turn your Apple Watch on by pressing or holding the side button.
    Apple Watch Digital Crown
  2. Get your iPhone near the Apple Watch’s vicinity and wait for the pairing screen to show up. If it doesn’t happen, you can follow the steps mentioned below.
    • Open the Apple Watch application and locate the “Pair New Watch” on your iPhone.
      Apple Watch Pairing With Iphone
    • Tap on it, and select your device
  3. Choose the “Set Up for Myself“.
  4. Your iPhone will open a Viewfinder in the same Apple Watch application. Position the Apple Watch as instructed and wait for the pairing process to complete. 
    &Quot;Position Apple Watch In The Frame&Quot; Apple Watch Pairing

Once the pairing process is complete, it’ll start syncing your Apple Watch according to the settings mentioned on your iPhone. However, this is a one-time process, so you might not have to see if you paired your phone before.


If you see a watch face instead of a proper pairing window, the Apple Watch has been previously paired. You must delete the data and reset the Apple Watch to pair it again. 

Step #2: Enable Image Capture Through Viewfinder

Once the devices have been connected, the rest of the process becomes straightforward. You need the Companion app for the Viewfinder trick. While you would still need to perform pseudo-pairing, most methods are streamlined. 

Here is how you can use Viewfinder on Apple Watch.

  1. Turn your Apple Watch on by pressing the power button referred to as the Digital Crown.
  2. Open the Apple Watch App and connect to the camera from your Apple Watch.
    Taking A Photo On Apple Watch
  3. Once a connection has been established, open the camera application on your iPhone.

The UI on the Apple Watch will be an over-simplified version of the usual camera utility. Therefore, you might have to fine-tune it on your iPhone before proceeding with taking breathtaking photos. 


Ultimately, the Viewfinder in Apple Watch is a handy feature that gives you more freedom in how you want to leverage the back camera of your iPhone. While you do sacrifice some functionality for flexibility, the results of the said technology speak for themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see my camera on Apple Watch?

Yes. With the Viewfinder method, you can connect your iPhone’s camera to your Apple Watch. However, you need to perform a first-time pairing process before attempting it.

How do I get Viewfinder on my iPhone?

Head to the App Store and search for the Viewfinder application. It’s generally present in the device but can also be downloaded from the internet. Also, note that it’s a paid app, so get ready to spend a penny before being able to access it.

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