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What Language Are iOS Apps Written In?

Iphone Coding Language

We all have experienced iOS apps’ amazing features and quality user experience, which triggers people to want to know what language iOS apps are written in. If you are also wondering which language is used to develop iOS apps, you are at the right place.

Quick Answer

iOS apps are primarily written in Swift and Objective-C language. Older iOS apps were written in Objective-C language, and the modern apps were written in Swift. Both languages are considered excellent for developing high-quality apps for iPhone, iPad, etc.

If you are aware of development languages, you must have heard about Objective-C language, but what is Swift? So, let’s learn everything about these languages and understand which one you should learn to make iOS apps.

What Language Are iOS Apps Written In?

Two main languages are used to write iOS apps: Swift and Objective-C. However, other languages can also be used to write iOS apps but are not considered reliable. So, let’s dive deep into both of the languages.


Swift was specially designed by Apple and released in 2014 and has become one of the most popular languages for writing iOS apps.

Apple created it as an alternative to more complex languages like Objective-C, Java, or C++. This means that developers already familiar with another language like Java will have an easier time learning Swift to write iOS apps.

Swift supports object-oriented programming and has a modern look, feel, and approach to coding. Besides, it also has a high level of performance and scalability.


Objective-C is another programming language used in iOS development. It’s a superset of the C programming language developed by NeXT in the mid-1990s. Objective-C is intended to be an object-oriented programming language that is more compact than C++ and easier to use.

Objective-C allows developers to create structured code with dynamic features like inheritance and dynamic binding. It also supports multithreading, allowing programmers to write code that can run on multiple processors simultaneously.

Besides, it has several features such as dynamic control, automatic memory management, run time exceptions, closures, and blocks, making it ideal for writing iOS apps.

Swift or Objective-C: Which One Should I Learn?

If you are new to programming and want to pursue a career in iOS development, choosing which language to learn can be pretty overwhelming.

Swift is a more modern language than Objective-C, meaning it can use multi-core processors and other technologies better. Objective-C has been around longer than Swift, but Swift is more likely to be adopted by new developers who want to learn how to code Apple products.

In short, Swift might be the better choice if you want something new and exciting while still being easy enough for someone who has never programmed before. Objective-C might be better if you are looking for an old-school programming language still used in many iOS app development companies.

If you plan to secure a job in iOS development, it would be better for you to learn Swift, as it is modern and used in all iOS apps.


As you can see, two main languages are used to write iOS apps: Swift and Objective-C. Both are great for their own purposes, but Swift is better because it is new, modern, and designed by Apple to make app development smooth and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are iOS apps only written in Swift?

No, Swift is not the only language used to write iOS apps; they can also be written in Objective-C.

But, Swift is considered the best choice because it’s easy to understand and learn and highly customizable, meaning you can develop anything in the iOS app.

Can iOS apps be written in Python?

iOS apps can be written in Python with the help of Kivy and BeeWare frameworks. But, it is not recommended to use Python because it makes the iOS app development procedure lengthy and challenging. 

You can use Swift to write iOS apps with the help of XCode, and this is the modern and accessible method used by most app development companies.

Can you write iOS apps in C++?

Yes, you can write iOS apps in C++. iOS apps are also written in Objective-C, a relative of C++. You can write an iOS app in C++ using an Objective-C compiler and the right libraries to build your app.

Is Swift better than Python?

Swift is a better language than Python but is specially designed for iOS app development by Apple. Besides, Swift is fast and easy to learn as compared to Python.

But on the other hand, Python is a bit complex, especially for new programmers.

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