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What Power Supply Do I Have?

What Power Supply Do I Have 1

Do you want to install a new graphics card? Or are you just upgrading your computer system? This may need you to see which kind of power supply your computer carries. It is not easy, considering you cannot do it through an application. But don’t get confused; the answer is right here. 

Quick Answer

There are three simple methods for finding the nature of your power supply. You can find out by looking in the user manual, opening the side panel of your CPU, or doing an online search. 

This blog will discuss detailed guides for each of the methods. Hence, you can pick out the easiest one for you. In addition, you will also learn how to read the information on the power supply. 

Method #1: Read the User Manual

This method works only if you have a pre-built computer.

When you purchase a pre-built computer, it comes with a user manual. In this manual, the manufacturer provides information about the power supply. From there, you can figure out what power supply your computer carries. 

If, however, you have lost the user manual, you can try other methods. 

Method #2: Check the Power Supply Physically 

Even in an assembled computer, the parts are from different manufacturers. Hence, whether you have an assembled computer or a pre-built computer, this trick will not let you down.

Power supplies have no connection with the motherboard whatsoever. This is why you cannot find out the type of power supply through the computer. You will have to turn it off and remove its side panel to unravel the identity of the power supply.

But the thing with following this method is that the power supply is not located at the same point in computers. The gist, however, is the same. These are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Turn off your computer and shut it down. Unplug it as well such that there is nothing attached.
  2. Depending on the model and manufacturer, you will need to unscrew or unclip the side panel. To unscrew, you will need a mid-sized screwdriver to do the job. At a minimum, there will be two screws and eight at maximum. 
  3. Locate the power supply. It will be near the power cord of the computer. 
  4. Find the label/sticker of the power supply. If you cannot easily see it, the label must be on the other side.  
  5. On the label/sticker, there will be everything that a power supply can do. This information includes power wattage, maximum output, model number, manufacturer name, etc.   

If there is no label/sticker on the power supply, the power supply that you currently have is not trustworthy. It is required for the manufacturers to put a label on these power supplies. Hence, you must change the supply to a reliable one as it could be dangerous for your system. 

Method #3: Do an Online Search

If you are hesitant about opening up the system, you can opt for an online search. However, you should know that this scenario works best with a pre-built computer.

Moreover, you must know the manufacturer of the power supply. Because only then will you be able to figure this out. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Head to the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Enter the model number of your PC.
  3. Skim through the information to find out the type of the power supply.

You should note that not all manufacturers release this information on their websites. In most cases, you will not find it. Alternatively, you can go up on forums. Here, you can ask people if they know what power supply would be in the model you currently have.

Plus, you can also ask Google. Simply enter the make and model, and the reviews or blogs might indicate the kind of power supply.

How To Read the Power Supply Label

Congratulations. You have found the power supply label. But there is one thing still troubling you; what does the label say? Valid question.

Here is what you will find there.

Model and Make

An essential thing on the label is the model number and the manufacturer’s name. Sometimes, this is all that is present on the label. So, you can do an online search and find out more about the power supply.


The obvious and prominent thing you will find is the power supply’s wattage. It will be well above or equal to 200W. It is the ability of the power supply to carry out all the functions. You will want this to be higher if you wish to use a powerful computer


The information about voltage will be of two types: input voltage and output voltage. Together, the total of these voltages indicates how much power the power supply needs

The output voltages are different for each component. Hence you may find the various. Plus, it can be negative as well. 

Maximum Power

The maximum power tells you the highest power within the system. It tells you how much power each component can draw

Maximum Current

This maximum current is the highest amount that can run within the system. If the system crosses this limit, the system may suffer fatal consequences. 


The power supply will also have a rating which should be 80+. It indicates how well the power supply is doing in terms of efficiency, temperature stability, power, and safety.


Wrapping it up, a power supply is the primary source of the computer. It is hard to build or upgrade your PC without knowing the type and power supply. Hence, we hope that this blog was of enough help. And we further hope that it can help you figure out whether your power supply can carry out all the functions you mean for it to do. 

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