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What Size Monitor for Gaming?

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The best monitor for gaming is the one that best meets your needs, budget, and lifestyle. But as a general rule, bigger is better when it comes to monitors. Still, what size do you need to enjoy playing games?

Quick Answer

The best gaming monitors are usually 24 to 27 inches, but there is some flexibility here. You should go for a 1080p, 1440p, or 4K resolution monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or 140Hz. However, if you plan to play competitive games, buy a 240Hz monitor, as most professional players use them.

When gaming, display size matters. The perfect monitor for gaming is somewhere in the middle where you don’t feel cramped or feel like you have an enormous TV strapped to your desktop.

Therefore, we have written a comprehensive guide on the best size of a monitor for gaming before you click the BUY button.

Things to Consider for The Best Gaming Monitor Size

Gaming monitor sizes are measured in diagonal inches and are designed to fit the specific screen size. The wider the monitor, the more space you will have for gaming. Besides considering the budget, here are some more things to look out for when choosing the perfect size for your gaming monitor.

  • Resolution – higher resolutions will have improved image quality.
  • Panel type – TN, VA, and IPS are the three main panel technologies used on monitors today.
  • Response time – refers to how long it takes for pixels on your screen to switch from one color value to another.
  • Refresh rate – it is the measurement of how many frames per second (fps) it can display.
  • Consider your desk space and the size of your room.

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

There are indeed a lot of different sizes of monitors to choose from. However, the most important thing to consider is which size is best for your eyes and gaming habits. With a sheer number of options, it can be challenging to make the right choice. 

Thus, our instructions will help you find your ideal gaming monitor to have an excellent gaming experience that flawlessly fits your setup.

So without any delay, here is the guide on the size of the monitor for gaming.

Best Monitor Size For 1080p Gaming

The 1080p monitor means a maximum resolution of 1920×1080, and if you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, it is essential to have the right-sized monitor

However, the minimum size for a 1080 gaming monitor is 24 inches which is the most popular display size due to its affordability and relatively small footprint on a desk or table. Therefore, it can be ideal for gamers who like to have multiple monitors for multi-tasking purposes.

Image 197

If you are interested in 27 inches, they are more expensive than their 24″ counterparts. They offer a larger screen space that can be useful if you play games requiring many screen real estates, such as FPS or MMORPG games.


Alternatively, the best monitor size for 1080p gaming is 24 inches, as this screen size offers the best balance between portability and performance.

Best Monitor Size For 1440p Gaming

A 1440p monitor is also known as a WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition). There are various monitor sizes for 1440p gaming but considering the resolution – 2560×1440, 27 inches screen is ideal

A 27-inch 1440p monitor has a pixel density of 109 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), giving you more detail and a sharper image than 1080p.

Image 236

If you want to go even bigger, plenty of 32-inch monitors are available. However, they are more expensive, too big for gaming.

Best Monitor Size For 4K Gaming

The 4K resolution has become the new rage for gaming monitors. If you are looking for one, there are sizes available from 27 to 45 inches

Ideally, you need a monitor with a native 4K resolution, i.e., a 27″ screen, to seamlessly render pixels at this or higher resolution. Screens with lower resolutions can still support games in 4K, but they will have to upscale each pixel, which results in blurriness and jagged edges. 

Image 235

If you want something even bigger than 27″, we recommend 32″. At this size, your games will indeed come alive. You will be able to see every detail in 4K glory without scaling down your resolution or using any interpolation.

Best UltraWide Monitor Size 

UltraWide monitors are becoming more popular, with many users preferring the 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratio and more significant screen real estate over the more traditional 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios. However, if you are looking for one, the best ultrawide monitor size is 34 inches, with 2560×1080 or 3440×1440 resolution

Image 237

Thirty-four inches is also just about the maximum size for a single-monitor setup without issues with display scaling and Windows DPI settings. Moreover, ultrawide monitors are ideal for multitasking, as they give you more room to display multiple windows at once without having to overlap them.

Going for a smaller size than this will compromise pixel quality. Indeed, ultrawide monitors are costly, but they are worth every penny. 

Best Gaming Monitor Size for Multi-Display Setups

If you have a large desk and want to dedicate it to gaming, then a multiple monitor setup is what you need. Multiple displays enable to see more of the game and give more room for multitasking.

The monitor size for a multi-display setup depends on the number of screens you want on the desk. For instance, if you wish to have a two-monitor setup, two 24” screens will work fine. And if you are going for a three-monitor setup, 27 inches across each display is the ideal choice.


In this guide on the size of the monitor for gaming, we examined the elements to consider when selecting the optimal gaming monitor size for different resolutions. Moreover, we have also discussed the best gaming monitors for multi-display setup.

We hope you now have the right idea of what gaming monitor size you should go for to have an outstanding gaming experience. 

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