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What To Do With an Old PC?

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With recent technological advancements, new and modern features are constantly being added to laptops and computers. This means that now our computers are obsolete quickly, and people wonder what to do with their old PCs. If you’re also looking to dump your dusty pal, wait and look at some other useful applications for your old PC.

Quick Answer

You can always sell or give away your old PC to a friend or relative if it still works. Donating the PC to a local school, hospital, or charitable organization is also a great option. If you want to keep it for personal use, you can convert it into a home server or game server or use it for software experimentation.

Still, if all these options do not seem unsuitable, you should consider recycling your computer instead of throwing it in the dump. You can even recycle some parts and keep or sell the ones that still have some value.

The article below will enlist all the possible ways to get rid of your PC instead of just adding your part to environmental pollution.

Sell Your PC

The safest and easiest way would be to sell your old PC. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest tech. So, they look for some years older generation computers to save some money.

You can post ads on websites like eBay with a suitable price. Someone out there might surely be interested in your device. You can also start by asking people in your neighborhood or family if they want to buy your PC.

Give It to a Relative or Friend

If you’ve already purchased a new computer and the old one is just lying around, you should give it away. Ask your friends or family members if they need a device for their children or any other use.

Not only will you get rid of the PC, but it will also add to your good deeds. If you already know someone who’s a light PC user, you can give them your old PC. It can also serve as a child’s first computer.

Donate It to an Organization

You can also donate your old PC to a nearby school. Some schools will be shy to accept your machine if it’s too dated. However, if your computer still works fine, they’ll be happy to add it to their computer lab.

It can even act as a testing ground for the students. They can break down the computer into parts and reassemble the machine while identifying its various hardware parts. 

Donating the PC to a hospital or charity will also be a good idea. Some of these organizations can send your computer to underdeveloped areas where they can help with educational purposes

Convert It Into a Home Server

Not everyone wants to give away a perfectly fine computer, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The best use for an old PC would be to convert it into a NAS home server. It will give you full control over your saved files. 

However, you need to make a few changes, such as setting BIOS power management for lower fan speed and making your PC run headless to preserve as much power as possible

Utilize It for Experimentation

If we’re talking about a PC bought ages ago, then it’s probably best to keep it yourself. You can install different software on it and experiment your heart out. 

In this way, you can save your main computer from experimental damage. You can also make hardware changes to the old PC and attach any accessories to check for any viruses or malware before using it on your new PC. 

Convert It Into a Game Server

Most multiplayer games allow you to create your server on your local computer. It would be the best use case for your old PC because these game servers need minimal power.

Still, you might need to check first if your game is capable of hosting a dedicated server or not.

Recycle Your PC

Well, it’s always better to recycle your PC and go green rather than dump it into a landfill. Many recycling banks may help you in this regard; however, you need to ensure that they are true to their claims. 

Most service providers will take a small fee for collecting your PC and still throw it in the garbage. You can also ask the store where you bought your PC to return it; many of them will do that without charging you.

Use It for Retro Gaming

As demanding as the newer titles are becoming, retro gaming is gaining more popularity. Many YouTubers have started retro gaming live streams, and people enjoy watching these nostalgic gameplays

You can choose the games your PC is capable of running and dedicate it to your retro gaming sessions. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can squeeze out of these nostalgic titles.

Upgrade Your PC

And at last, if you’re just ditching your old pal for some incremental upgrades, you might think twice. Unlike laptops, personal computers are much more upgradeable, meaning that you can replace almost any part of your PC, including the RAM, GPU, CPU, cooling fans, etc. 

It will save you a lot of money to stick a newer CPU in your old chassis rather than purchasing a new setup just for that little extra juice. 

The Bottom Line

Personal computers are always in demand. This also means that they need to be upgraded constantly. Most people just leave their old PCs in their garage or throw them away; however, you can do many interesting and beneficial things with them.

The best way is to sell your PC, or you can even give it away to a relative or friend. You can donate it to an organization or convert it into an experimental ground for yourself. It can also be converted into a game or home server. Lastly, recycling your old PC is always better if you just want to get rid of your ancient machine. 

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