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What To Look For in a Gaming Mouse?

Gaming Mouse

Do you want to upgrade your mouse? Do you want to upgrade to a gaming mouse?

Gaming mice are very important PC components for game player performance. For example, your comfort level with your mouse and your mouse sensor’s performance are often deciding factors in high-level competitive first-person shooter games.

Quick Answer

When searching for a gaming mouse, the most important factors to consider are its ergonomic design, sensor type, DPI, programmable buttons, and whether or not the mouse is wired or wireless, as it’ll impact its latency in-game.

Gaming mice help competitive gamers in almost all aspects of the game. From helping gamers have fast reflexes to providing different programmable buttons to reducing having to resort to a keyboard, gaming mice are in a genre of their own. Despite having high-end options, many manufacturers now offer a ton of budget options that give you the edge you need without breaking the bank!

Read on to find out how you can make the right choice when shopping for a gaming mouse!

Factors That Make a Gaming Mouse Great

Only if you have a mouse that complements your playing style and is pleasant to use will you enjoy the gaming experience fully. Gamers may play games using a conventional mouse, but the experience won’t be the same as when they use a gaming mouse. The gaming mouse differs from a standard mouse because it has exceptional functionality.

A decent mouse may significantly affect a player’s performance, especially in some games. The appropriate gaming mouse may help you improve your aim and move or turn characters easily whether you want to play FPS, MOBA, or MMO games. Using a mouse is also convenient for other in-game tasks like changing the camera position and weaponry.

Here are the most important factors you need to consider before buying a gaming mouse.


Having a wired or a wireless connection is one of the first and foremost factors you will decide on when browsing gaming mice. This factor is particularly important as it depends on whether you are comfortable gaming with a wired mouse. 

Most gamers face trouble when gaming with a wired mouse as it restricts movement and adds to the weight, i.e., your mouse faces resistance when you move and the wire pulls on it. But all this depends upon your preference as a gamer.

Undoubtedly, wired mice are more common, particularly with gamers. You never have to worry about charging them; they offer a more reliable connection and are somewhat less expensive. Cable management is, as mentioned above, the main drawback of wired mice.

On the other hand, wireless mice have some additional advantages. Having a wireless mouse has several benefits, the first and most evident of which is the removal of cumbersome cords. This results in a cleaner work surface and a mouse that you can use anywhere, including away from your computer desk.

Perks offered by wireless mice, however, have a price—literally. Wireless mice are often more costly, but the price difference isn’t as pronounced as it was. In addition, as was already said, a wireless connection is less reliable and lag-free than a connected one, and batteries will eventually need to be recharged or replaced.


Every mouse is designed in a certain way which appeals to a certain type of gamer. Ergonomics play a big part in what mouse appeals to which gamer. Every manufacturer tries to have a gaming mice lineup that appeals to all kinds of gamers, so you will have many options to choose from.

The ergonomics of a mouse can be divided into two parts.

Grip Style

When selecting a gaming mouse, it’s critical to consider your grip style because it affects the mouse’s size, shape, and weight and how comfortable it will feel in your hands. There are three primary types of grips.

  • Palm Grip: The palm grip is the most comfortable and organic way to hold your mouse. It enables you to rest most of your palm and fingers on the mouse.
  • Claw Grip: In this grip, your middle and index fingers are arched into a claw shape, leaving just your palm’s bottom resting on the mouse’s back.
  • Fingertip Grip: To accomplish the fingertip grip, keep your hand slightly arched so that your palm stays up and away from the mouse, and just the tips of your fingers touch it.


The weight of a gaming mouse is important since it affects how much fun you can have while gaming. The mouse’s weight will be important if you play video games and flick your mouse around. Depending on the user’s preferences, the weights on certain gaming mice can be added or deleted.

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The term “DPI” means the count or number of recorded pixels your mouse takes per inch of movement. The mouse is more sensitive the higher the DPI. However, a higher DPI doesn’t automatically equate to a better mouse; you also need to check the mouse’s IPS, or inches per second, indicating the fastest speed it can still capture.

Many gaming mice have a DPI setting that you can adjust to 4000 or higher. Some gamers prefer a lower DPI. A higher DPI could be advantageous if your screen has a high pixel density.

Programmable Buttons

Many gaming mice come with additional buttons apart from your traditional ones. These buttons are programmable and can be mapped to different functions. The basic mouse’s inputs should be adequate for most gamers, although some will benefit from these additional buttons.

For example, those who frequently play MOBAs and MMORPGs will probably want a mouse with at least a few programmed macro buttons, and people who want to be able to switch between speedy and precise motions may want a mouse with a dedicated button for DPI switching. 

Apart from gaming, these programmable buttons may be helpful at work because one can be assigned to various keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. They can be especially helpful in cases where you have to use editing software and need to quickly load up certain tools without going to a keyboard shortcut.


With the help of this article, you can explore all the factors discussed above before investing in a gaming mouse to get the best value for your money!

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