Where Are Cookies Stored on Android?

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Are you concerned about your device privacy and want to know where cookies are stored on your Android? Fortunately, finding cookies on your Android device is a straightforward process. 

Quick Answer

The cookies on your Android device are stored in your browser. If you are using Chrome to browse different websites, the cookies stored by these websites will be saved under the browser Settings > “Privacy and Security” > “Clear Browsing Data” tab. From here, you can delete cookies as well.

We took the time to write a comprehensive article about where cookies are stored on your Android phone. We will also explore the process of deleting cookies and blocking third-party cookies on your device’s browser.

Finding Cookies on Android

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your browser when you visit different websites, allowing a smooth user experience. Cookies speed up webpage reloading and save your usernames and passwords that you use on various websites, so you don’t have to log in each time. 

Cookies also save your personal preferences to make browsing easy for you.

You will find stored cookies on Chrome, as it is the most commonly used browser on Android. Launch Chrome on your Android device and tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. 

Tap “Settings” > “Privacy and Security”. In this tab, tap “Clear Browsing Data”. A new window will open; the cookies and cache are saved from different websites.

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Deleting Cookies on Android

Now that you know where cookies are stored on your Android device, you may need to remove them to improve the browser speed and secure your privacy. Here are our 3 step-by-step methods to help you complete this task without much effort.

Method #1: Deleting Cookies From Chrome App on Android

Like most users, you might be using Chrome on your Android to browse websites, so do these steps to delete Chrome browser cookies.

  1. Tap Chrome on the home screen of your device.
  2. Click the three dots from the upper corner.
  3. Select Settings > “Privacy and Security” > “Clear Browsing Data” > “Cookies and Site Data”.
  4. Tap “Clear Data”.
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Quick Tip

If you want to delete “Browsing History” or “Cached Images and Files”, check the respective boxes as shown in the above image.

Method #2: Deleting Cookies From Mozilla Firefox App on Android

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser on your Android device, do these steps to remove cookies.

  1. Launch the Firefox app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap three dots on the lower corner of the screen.
  3. In the drop-down menu, tap Settings.
  4. Scroll to the “Privacy and Security” section.
  5. Tap “Delete Browsing Data”.
  6. Choose “Cookies” and tap “Delete Browsing Data”.
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All Done!

All the Firefox cookies will be deleted on your Android, along with login details and personal preferences.

Method #3: Deleting Cookies From a Website on Android

Follow these steps to delete cookies from a specific website on your Android device.

  1. Tap Chrome on the home screen and visit a specific website.
  2. At the upper-right corner, tap the three dots and click the info (“i”) icon from the drop-down.
  3. Tap “Cookies”, and the number of cookies in use will appear.
  4. Tap the “bin” icon to delete the cookies.
  5. Tap “Clear” to confirm.  
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All the cookies, site data, and login details for that specific website are now deleted.

Blocking Cookies on Android

You can block cookies from a particular website on Android by following these steps.

  1. Open Chrome on Android and tap the three dots in the upper corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Site Settings”.
  4. Tap “Cookies”
  5. Tap “Block All Cookies”.
All Done!

All cookies are blocked, but this setting is not recommended because some sites may not work without cookies.

Blocking Third-Party Cookies on Android

Following these steps, you can block third-party cookies on your Android’s Chrome browser.

  1. Open Chrome and tap the three-dot icon.
  2. Tap “Settings” > “Site Settings” > “Cookies”.
  3. Select “Block Third-Party Cookies”.
Quick Tip

If you have allowed all cookies to be stored on the browser, you can add site exceptions to block specific websites to save cookies on your Android device. 


In this guide on where cookies are stored on Android, we discussed a simple method to view the cookies on your device. We’ve also discussed multiple solutions to delete and block the browser cookies.

Hopefully, your question is answered in this article, and now you can easily find the stored cookies on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is browsing history the same as cookies?

Browsing history is the record of the websites you visited, while cookies store your logging details, preferences, items in the shopping cart, etc.

What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies monitor your online presence and can steal your privacy. These cookies are placed on different websites by third-party advertisement platforms. However, you can block them from the Settings menu on your Android device.

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