Where Are Steam Screenshots Saved?

Steam Screenshots

According to Forbes, Steam is the largest online PC game seller globally. Steam provides their gaming services across 10+ languages, and they have over 30000 games available on the platform. However, this fantastic product comes with bugs and issues that need to be addressed.

Like every game provider or server, you can take screenshots of your activities to share with your followers or game friends. But the issue with the Steam platform is that we do not always know where our screenshots are.

I know you are not only interested in just where your screenshots are. But, you want to figure out where those screenshots are so that you can access them. Also, I do not know if you know how to take screenshots on Steam. Let me tell you how to take screenshots as a bonus.

How To Take Screenshots on Steam?

There are two ways to get to take screenshots on Steam. But one of these methods is straightforward. So, tell me, which of these methods would you prefer? The hard one or the easy one?

No one wants to do anything distracting while gaming. I will tell you the easy way to take screenshots on Stream. This method will not distract you from your game. It won’t also disrupt your gameplay.

Pressing the F12 key on your keyboard is the simplest way to take screenshots on Steam. The screenshot will automatically go into the hidden store I had talked about.

Where Are My Screenshots on Steam, and How To Find Them?

Method#1: Locating Your Screenshots Through the Steam App.

  1. Open the Steam app on your PC. Just double-click on the Steam icon.
  2. Click on View. The option is in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. You will find Screenshots in the View drop-down menu. This is the directory where your In-Game screenshots are.
  4. Select the game you were playing while you took the screenshot in the screenshot window.
  5. You will now find all the screenshots you have taken from that game.
  6. Select a screenshot from the list.
  7. Click on show on disk from the options displayed at the bottom of your screen.
  8. It will redirect you to a folder under your file explorer.
  9. You will find your screenshots in this folder.
Steam Screenshots

Method #2: Access Your Steam Screenshots Directly From Your PC’s File Explorer

Without launching the Steam app, you can access your screenshots directly from your File Explorer by doing these:

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Go to Program Files.
  3. Open the Steam folder.
  4. Go to Userdata.
  5. Explore each folder until you find a folder named 760.
  6. Open folder 760. You should see another folder called Remote.
  7. Open the Remote folder. You will find some new folders saved as some numeric codes. The new folder represents the screenshots folder.
  8. Open the screenshots folder.
  9. Select the game you were playing in the screenshot folder while the screenshots were taken.
  10. You will now find a list of screenshots you have taken from that specific game.


This brings us to the end of this blog post. I wrote this blog post to help you find where your in-game Steam screenshots are saved. We are happy to tell you where and how to retrieve them.

Do you have other problems using the Steam platform? Tell us about them in the comment section so that we can write you the solutions in our next posts.

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How To Save Screenshots From Steam?

Pressing the F12 key on your keyboard is the simplest way to take screenshots on Steam.

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