Where Is Bedtime on iPhone?

Iphone Bedtime Feature

The iPhone bedtime allows you to set the time you want to sleep each night. This unique feature is available on iOS 13 or earlier. However, quite a few users are wondering where Bedtime is on iPhone.

Quick Answer

You can find the bedtime feature on iPhone 13 and earlier by opening the Clock app and tapping on the “Bedtime” tab. If you have iPhone 14 or above, the bedtime alarm option is renamed to “Sleep” and is now moved to the Health app. 

Apple introduced the Bedtime feature with iOS 12 through the Clock app. The Clock app has a specific Bedtime section for you to manage your sleep patterns.

We took the time to write a detailed step-by-step guide on finding this helpful feature on iPhone 13 and earlier and iPhone 14 and above versions. So, let’s get on with it. 

What Is Bedtime Feature on iPhone?

There are specific health guidelines for sleep patterns based on age. You need to act on these guidelines for better health as “sleep debt” is now known to be linked with obesity, stress, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Getting consistent sleep at select hours, i.e., sleeping and waking up simultaneously, is always good news, and here the bedtime feature on iPhone comes into play.

You can use the bedtime mode to:

  • Organize long-term sleep patterns.
  • Adjust your sleep goals according to your requirement.
  • Update or edit your sleep schedule.
  • Track your sleep history.

Finding Bedtime on iPhone

Locating Bedtime on your iPhone is pretty simple. However, our step-by-step instructions will help your find the app without any effort and quickly.

We’ll also discuss discovering the Bedtime feature on an iPhone running on the iOS 14 update. So if you are wondering where bedtime is on your iPhone, here are the two methods.

Method #1: Finding Bedtime on iPhone 13 and Earlier

To find Bedtime on your iPhone running on iOS 13 and earlier, do these steps:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and tap on the Clock app.
  2. Next, tap on the “Schedule” tab.
  3. Now tap the “Bedtime” or “Wake Up” option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Finally, turn on the “Bedtime schedule” and start using the feature.
    Image 201

Method #2: Finding Bedtime on iPhone 14 and Later

Since Apple has introduced the latest iOS update to their devices ranging from iPhone SE to iPhone 11 Pro Max, you may find it difficult to locate the bedtime alarm feature on your iPhone after updating its software.

Bedtime is renamed to “Sleep”, and you can find it under the Health app on your iPhone in the following way.

  1. Unlock your iPhone; find and tap on the Health app on the Home screen.
  2. Now, you’ll see a “Browse” option at the bottom of the screen; tap on it.
  3. Next, select the “Sleep” option and adjust your sleep schedule accordingly.
    Image 202

Using Health App To Set A Sleep Schedule

The Health app on your iPhone allows you to set Sleep Schedules and sleeping patterns. You can also set your Wake Up goals. To use the health app:

  1. Launch the Health app on your iPhone and tap on “Sleep”.
  2. Select “Get Started” and then tap on “Next”
  3. Next, tap on the “Full Schedule & Options” and select “Additional Details”.
  4. Tap on “Sleep Goal” and adjust the “Bedtime” and “Wake-up” times.
    Image 203

If you want to update your sleep schedule for the next wakeup only on the iPhone, you can do it this way:

  1. Launch the Health app and navigate to “Sleep” > “Sleep Schedule”.
  2. Select the “Edit” option and drag the slider to set sleep and “Wake Up” times.
  3. Next, tap on the wake-up alarm option and set your alarm sound and volume preferences.
    Image 204

If you have saved your Sleep Schedule to your favorites, you can access the edit option from the Summary page in the Health app.

To edit or update your full sleep schedule:

  1. Open the Health app and navigate to “Full Schedule & Options” > “Sleep schedule”.
  2. Next, tap on the “Edit” option and move the slider to set “Bedtime” and “Wake-up” times.
  3. Finally, select the alarm sound, adjust the volume and save the changes by tapping on “Done”.
    Image 205


In this guide about where Bedtime is on iPhone, we’ve discussed the app in detail and explored two methods of finding the feature on an iPhone running on the latest iOS 14 update and the older versions. We’ve also discussed using the Bedtime and Wake Up alarms to adjust your Full Sleep schedules and next-time Wake Up only mode.

Hopefully, you can now easily find the Bedtime option on your iPhone and shape your sleep patterns for better health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view Sleep History on the Bedtime app?

You can view your Sleep History on the Health app by tapping on Browse at the bottom of your iPhone screen and tapping on Sleep. Here, you can track your sleep time in bed with weekly or monthly bar graphs.

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