Where Is the Calculator on iPhone?

Iphone Calculator

Almost all iPhone users are familiar with the built-in calculator, but some may not know tricks you can use to save time. The calculator is highly sought after by Apple users, but do you know where the calculator on your iPhone is?

I always have a tough time finding it. Sometimes, when I wonder what’s the best calculator app for my iPhone, I miss it. However, you may want to check out the Home screen first if you are seeking to reinstate the Calculator app.

The Calculator app that comes preinstalled on your iPhone doesn’t have many features compared to other mobile calculator apps. But it has a few essential functions you might want to use daily.

Thankfully, you’ll learn a few handy ways to locate the calculator on your iPhone after reading this post.

Where Is the Calculator on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

You may wonder how I get the calculator back to the home screen. You can recover the calculator icon if you figure out what caused it to disappear. Each device has a different reason for failing.

Here we go! Knowing the reasons behind the disappearance of the iPhone calculator icon should help you fix the problem, and I will show you some simple fixes that you can use to get the app back. 

Follow the steps in a specific order while carrying out the instructions. Each step is mentioned in detail, so follow them in order.

Step #1: Check the Home Screen

You can try checking out the home screen once if you are wondering how to reinstate the calculator icon on your iPhone. In addition, you might want to look through your device’s Control Center.

The App Store is available on your device in case you need it. Once you’ve done that, you can reinstall the app again conveniently.

Step #2: Slide Downward

Slide downward from your iPhone’s home screen. There will be a search field listing applications you have recently opened.

Step #3: Open the App Library

Open the App Library and tap its icon (iOS 14 and later only).

Step #4: Search for the Calculator

Now, you can search for the Calculator. This is where you will find the calculator.

All done!

Congrats! It is now easier for you to find the calculator on your iPhone. You can use these four methods to find the calculator on an iPhone.

Pro Tips for Using Calculator App on iPhone

Opening the calculator app will reveal a primary interface. It may be frustrating to delete numbers that you entered incorrectly. 

Scientific Mode

Basic arithmetic calculations are done by default by the calculator in the correct order. For example, typing 6 + 2 3 and pressing = will give you the correct answer of 12. Multiplication is first calculated, and then the addition is performed, such as 6+2 3 = 12 instead of (6+2)*3 = 24. Nevertheless, this intelligence does not allow one to perform scientific computations such as 10X or square root. You will now access a scientific calculator with plenty of default features in the same app.

Clear Display

Among the worst features of mobile calculators is deleting the numbers when you input the wrong information between calculations. There are two ways to delete a number from the iPhone Calculator app, just like in a physical calculator.

  • The “All Clear” option allows you to erase all inputs, including any calculations you have made in the past.
  • You can use the “C” button to clear or cancel your calculations between steps, deleting only the last input while keeping the result of your previous calculation. As soon as you start typing, you’ll see the AC button change to C.

Swipe To Delete Last Digit

Even though C and AC are helpful, you can’t use them to eliminate specific digits from numbers. For instance, you want to type 12345678 but enter 12345679 instead. The C key will make it tedious to type from the beginning again. 

The iPhone has a simple swipe solution for this annoying problem that many mobile calculator apps have. It is just a matter of swiping left or right on the number to remove the last digit.


By following this guide, you should be able to find a solution to the missing iPhone Calculator icon issue. Your iPhone will work if you follow the above steps to locate the Calculator app. Choosing one of them is up to your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did my iPhone lose its calculator?

You can do this on your iPhone by sliding up from the bottom of your screen. Tap the lower-right corner of your iPhone if it lacks a home button. Eventually, the calculator will return to its original location.

Does Apple have a calculator?

The calculator is a basic application integrated with Apple’s macOS, iOS, and watchOS operating systems. In addition to basic, scientific, and programmer modes, there are other modes.

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