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Where Is the Clipboard on an iPad?

Ipad Clipboard

The iPad clipboard is a memory feature that lets you store small amounts of data for a short period to move the content. You can copy or cut text, images, and video using the iPad clipboard. So, are you searching for the clipboard app or clipboard option on your iPad? 

Quick Answer

The iPad clipboard is a feature you use to copy or cut items, so there is no clipboard option or app on the iPad. However, you can access the iPad clipboard by selecting the text or image you want to copy, and the clipboard options will pop up. 

When you copy or cut data, it saves in the clipboard. However, when you copy or cut something else, it overwrites the last things in the clipboard. Also, when you copy something into the clipboard, you can paste it multiple times in different places without copying it a second time. 

Keep reading to learn more about the clipboard on iPad.   

How To Use the Clipboard on an iPad

Using the clipboard on the iPad is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is select the data you need, and the clipboard copy or cut option will pop up. Interestingly, some iOS devices, including iPads, support the universal clipboard feature. When you set up the universal clipboard feature, whatever you copy on one device will be available on other devices linked to that Apple ID.

Universal clipboard works on Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch. And if you want to take advantage of it, you will also need to turn on the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and handoff on each device. 

Generally, the clipboard feature on iPad is a handy feature that comes in handy in several scenarios. Below are two ways you can use the clipboard on your iPad.

Method #1: Text 

The most common use of the clipboard on iPads is to copy text. People often use it to copy text from web pages to text from apps and paste it where they need it. However, not every app on the iPad allows you to use the clipboard feature. 

Here’s how to use your iPad clipboard to copy or cut text.

  1. Double-tap or long-press a word to select it. 
  2. Drag the handles to highlight the text you want to copy.
  3. Tap the “Copy” option on the text you highlighted. 
  4. Open the destination document you want to paste the text.
  5. Tap and hold or double-tap the section you want to paste, and tap “Paste” from the options that pop up. 

Method #2: Images 

You can as well use the clipboard to copy images. This feature is convenient when you want to extract an image from a webpage and paste it into a document you are working on. While you could download the image and upload it to the document, using the copy feature is more effortless and straightforward.  

Here’s how to use your iPad clipboard to copy or cut images.

  1. Tap and hold the image until the clipboard options pop up. 
  2. Tap the “Copy” option to copy the image to the clipboard. 
  3. Open the destination document you want to paste the image. 
  4. Tap and hold the spot you want to paste it, and tap “Paste” from the options that pop up. 
Keep in Mind

Whatever you copy into the clipboard on your iPad will remain there, provided the iPad is powered, and you don’t copy something else to overwrite it.


After reading this article, we believe the question of where the clipboard on the iPad is has been answered clearly. Copying items and pasting them in your desired location is possible because of the clipboard feature. 

So, take advantage of the clipboard feature on your iPad to copy relevant information and paste them where you need them. 

Frequently Asked Question 

How can I copy multiple items into the clipboard? 

Unfortunately, you cannot copy multiple items into the native clipboard feature on the iPad. So, if you want to copy multiple items, one way to do it is to download a third-party app like the Swift Keyboard. Another workaround is to copy the items into the Notes app; then, whatever you need the data, you can quickly get it. 

What does “Saved to Clipboard” mean? 

When you copy data from a webpage or any app that allows you to use the clipboard, you often get the “Saved to Clipboard” report. This report means that the item you want to copy has been successfully copied. Hence, when you go to the place you want to paste the data, what you last copied is what the clipboard will paste. 

How do I clear my clipboard? 

The clipboard only stores one data at a time. Since there is no clipboard app you can open to adjust how the clipboard feature works, there is no option to clean your clipboard. A workaround to clear your clipboard is to replace whatever you copied into your clipboard with empty space. 

Is Apple Universal Clipboard reliable? 

The Apple Universal Clipboard feature is not reliable. Things like the size of the item you copied, the quality of internet connection at the moment, and several other factors can cause the delay, making it unreliable. You may sometimes not find items you copy on other connected iOS devices’ clipboards.

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