Where Is the Microphone on AirPods?


Kids are said to be the inquisitive ones. However, these days everyone, both young and old, seem to marvel at how things work, especially gadgets. And this has made them always question anything or everything that seems out of the ordinary. One would look at the AirPods and think, “How do these things work? How can someone on the other end hear when you are on call while using AirPods? Where is the mic located? Do they even have a mic?”

AirPods though small, they are mighty, and they have made listening to audio and making calls so easy since their advent. 

Parts of AirPods

Again, you’d be surprised at the number of components put together to fit into the AirPods.

A standard AirPod consists of:

  • Apple’s W1 chip and Bluetooth, which aid its connection to your iOS without the need for an audio jack.
  • An inbuilt microphone.
  • Optical sensors with motion accelerometers to detect when the AirPods are in your ears. There is another accelerometer located near the mic to eliminate background noises. 
  • A battery and the antenna in the shaft for better reception.
  • The outer case, which is a hard plastic that covers and keeps the other components intact. 
  • And lastly, the bigger case, which is also the charger case and the home for the AirPods when you are not using them. 

The Location of the Mic

Each AirPod has two noise reduction mics located at the bottom of the shaft and the back end. The mics have been designed to block out background noises, and they allow you to make phone calls easily and also allow you to easily instruct your phone assistants like Siri and Bixby


If you are reading this part of the article, it means you’ve gone through the other parts, and you now have answers to your question about the location of the mics in the AirPods. Now you are entitled to some bonuses. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your AirPods and improve their functions.

  • You can connect your AirPods to phones other than Apple products. All you have to do is go to the Bluetooth on your Android phone and pair it like you would pair other Bluetooth devices to your Android phone.
  • Utilize Siri. You can know your caller, read your messages and even reply with voice commands by activating Siri and ensuring that your IOS operating system is up to date.
  • Always keep your AirPods in the charging case when they are not in use. AirPods are small devices, and this makes them very easy to lose. 

We hope these few tips will help you as intended. Share this AirPods knowledge love with family, friends, and colleagues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the mic on my AirPods not work?

There are a couple of reasons why your AirPods mic may not work. It could be a result of low battery, dirty AirPods, software problems, damage done to the AirPods, connection problems, or even the settings. When you find out which of these could be the reason, you can proffer a solution accordingly. 

How can I clean my AirPods mic? 

Often AirPods get soiled by earwax and dust, which hinders the mic from functioning properly. You have to be very careful when trying to take them out because you don’t want to damage your AirPods. Do not clean with soap and water. Instead, take a soft brush or cotton bud and gently dab on the dirt until they are wiped completely. Do these gently like you would clean your ears. 

How can I make my AirPods mic louder?

There are two very easy ways to do this. You can simply say “Activate Siri” and instruct Siri to either turn up or turn down the volume. Or you can use either of the volume buttons on your iPhone. 

How can I change the name of my AirPods?

First, make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone. Then go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “Bluetooth.” Tap the button next to your AirPods in the list of devices and tap the current name. Clear the current name and enter a new name. Then tap “Done.”

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