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Which Ryzen CPU Has Integrated Graphics?

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If you’re into PC building or just a tech-savvy person, you must know that the CPU and GPU are equally important in a computer. Most Intel processors nowadays come with integrated GPUs. Intel’s competitor, Ryzen, also integrates many of its processors with GPUs, and this configuration provides many benefits to the user. 

Quick Answer

Ryzen processors with integrated GPUs are called APUs or Accelerated Processing Units. These processors take much less space and are more power efficient than dedicated GPUs. They provide basic-level graphic processing power to your computer, so an average user doesn’t have to spend a large amount on a separate GPU. 

However, not all Ryzen CPUs have integrated graphics. An integrated graphics processor can not directly compete with a dedicated GPU. Still, there are a lot of benefits to having an integrated GPU, and this article will enlist them all.

What Are Integrated Graphics?

Integrated graphics is really what the name suggests. It is essentially a graphics card that is integrated into your CPU. Your processor is a complete set of a CPU and a GPU, so you don’t need to get an external GPU.

However, not all Ryzen processors come with a built-in GPU. This is because such GPUs are very small in size as they have to fit inside that little space on a processor. So, they cannot deliver the same amount of power as a larger dedicated GPU.

That is why they are only found on most budget processors that require minimal graphic power and are never used for gaming or other demanding purposes.

Which Ryzen Processors Have Integrated Graphics?

Now that we know that not all Ryzen CPUs have integrated graphics, the question is, which CPUs have built-in GPUs, then? All the CPUs from the Ryzen’s RX Vega Series that contain the suffix “G” in their name support integrated graphics.

As mentioned earlier, Ryzen calls such processors APUs. Many other processors from Ryzen have other letters like “X” as a suffix; however, they do not contain integrated graphics or iGPUs like the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or AMD Ryzen 7 3600 XT.

From the Vega Series, there are a lot of processors that have iGPUs. Some examples are Ryzen 3 2200G, Ryzen 5 3400G, and Ryzen 7 4750G, etc.

Why Do Ryzen CPUs Come With Integrated Graphics?

Although iGPUs cannot handle heavy tasks and enthusiasts always build their PCs with dedicated GPUs, integrated graphics also have many advantages. There are many reasons why Ryzen CPUs come with integrated graphics, as listed below.

Save Space

The biggest advantage of having an integrated graphic unit is saving space. Although dedicated GPUs can deliver better performance than integrated ones, they are much bulkier and require a lot of room inside your PC casing.

On the other hand, iGPUs are attached to your CPU and are so small you never have to worry about them taking up a lot of space. Such small-scale technology is very important for devices like laptops with less space. Fitting a dedicated GPU inside a laptop is very difficult.

Less Power Consumption

Due to their small size, integrated GPUs consume minimal power. They are not designed for high-end rendering or intense gaming, so they work by sipping very little energy. 

Dedicated GPUs need a lot more power and can quickly get hot when working at their maximum potential. That’s why they need a proper cooling system, which is not required for iGPUs.

Save Money

As iGPUs come with your Ryzen CPU, you don’t have to spend any extra amount to get yourself a GPU. If you look at the market, high-quality GPUs can be quite costly, so you’re saving a lot of bucks by purchasing a Ryzen CPU with integrated graphics.

Increase PC Capability

If you don’t want to invest in a dedicated GPU, integrated graphics can be a lifesaver. Modern iGPUs have become very powerful and can be used even for heavy tasks like casual gaming and rendering

If your PC has an iGPU, it can handle these tasks; otherwise, you’ll have to buy a GPU. Having an iGPU enhances your PC’s initial capability. 

Works Best for Light Users

Light to moderate users don’t demand a high graphic processing power. They rarely need to play games or use their PC for video or graphic rendering. Even in that case, iGPUs are more than capable of handling medium-level tasks.

So, for everyday users, it’s much better to have integrated graphics as their usage doesn’t require much graphic power. Moreover, you will also enjoy all the other benefits of having an integrated GPU, like saving space and less power consumption.

The Bottom Line

Intel and Ryzen are the two mainstream CPU manufacturers. Nowadays, most Intel processors come with integrated graphics, and Ryzen has jumped on this bandwagon. However, all Ryzen CPUs don’t come with iGPUs. Only the processors having a ‘G’ at the end of their model name have integrated graphics.

Ryzen CPUs having integrated graphics give users many benefits. They are very small and compact, so everyday users can easily place them in their PC cases. Due to their small size, they consume much less power and are pocket-friendly. Users who don’t need extreme amounts of graphic power should be more than happy with Ryzen CPUs with integrated graphics. 

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