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Why Did My Weather App Disappear?

Weather App

The weather app is quite a useful app that comes in handy when you need to check the forecast for the day or the day after. However, the weather app may disappear from your device for one reason or another. But what causes the weather app to disappear? 

Quick Answer

Generally, different reasons are responsible for the missing weather app on your device. However, in most cases, the weather app is missing because of an error in loading the app, and a simple reboot should fix the issue. Otherwise, it could be because of an error in the launcher, the app was disabled, or it needs to be updated.

The missing weather app is not synonymous with one device, as it can occur on Apple and Android smartphones. However, how to recover the weather app when it is missing is quite similar. There are a few tricks you can try to recover the missing weather app, as elaborated in this article.

Reasons Your Weather App Disappeared and How To Fix Them

The OS of most smartphones can forecast the weather for the day or days later as long as it is connected to the internet. For most smartphones, its ability to forecast the weather is ingrained in its OS, while this feature is made possible through an app for other OS. 

If the weather app goes missing on your smartphone, it could result from one or more things. Below are some reasons the weather app is missing and tricks you can use to recover it. 

Fix #1: Reboot Your Device 

One of the most common reasons the weather app is missing on your smartphone could be a result of an error in loading the app. This glitch does not always happen, but it is one of the most likely reasons any app might go missing on your smartphone. In this case, the weather app error is from your smartphone, and a quick reboot should fix the issue. 

To reboot your smartphone, press the power button until the power option pops up. Select the power down option and when your smartphone is off, allow it to sit for 30 seconds before powering it on again. 

Fix #2: Clear the Launcher Cache 

Another reason you might be having this issue could be a result of an error in your launcher. If the weather app used to be a widget on your launcher but suddenly no longer appears on the home screen or other screen and is not also in the widget option, then the best solution is to clear the launcher cache. 

However, it is worth noting that doing this will not reset your launcher preferences or customization options. So, launch the Settings app, navigate to “Storage”, and click on the app list. Find the weather app, click on it, and select “Clear Cache”

Fix #3: Enable It From Settings 

If you can no longer find the weather app on your smartphone, it could be because someone disabled it. Since the weather app on most smartphones is a system app, you cannot uninstall it; however, it is possible to disable it. So, if you disabled the weather app by mistake or someone did it on your smartphone, you have to enable it to be able to use it. 

Launch the Settings app, navigate to “Storage”, and click on the app list to enable the weather app. On the app list, find the weather app and click on the “Enable” button. 

Fix #4: Update the App 

If the weather app is outdated, you are more likely to experience bugs that will make the app seem like it is missing. And perhaps after rebooting your device, it might reappear but later disappear. Whatever the symptoms, updating the weather app is always good practice. 

If you are using an Android device, go to the Play Store to search for an update, or if you are using an Apple device, go to the App Store to search for an update. 

Fix #5: Download a Different Weather App

After everything, if the weather app is still misbehaving, you should consider disabling it and downloading a different weather app. There are several weather apps you can download on your smartphone that will give you just as accurate a weather forecast, if not better than the weather app on your smartphone. Such weather apps include the likes of AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Yahoo, etc. 

Quick Tip

If you cannot figure out why the weather app is missing on your smartphone or get it to come back, you can always get to know what the weather is by asking the AI assistant on your smartphone. For Android users, you can ask Google, while for Apple users, you can ask Siri.


It is not uncommon to find apps missing on your smartphone. While in most cases, it is most likely that you uninstalled the app accidentally. However, in the case of a weather app, you cannot uninstall it accidentally, as it is a system app. Although, if it goes missing, you can try any of the tips shared in this article to recover it.   

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