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Why Do Cats Walk on Keyboards?

Cat On Keyboard

Have you ever wondered why cats like walking on keyboards? If you own a cat, you might have noticed that they always like to walk on our laptop or computer’s keyboard. Sometimes, they spend most of their time sitting on them. Well, this is not just something random, as there are reasons behind why they do it. Today, we are going to explain these reasons in detail.

Quick Answer

Cats walk on keyboards because they are trying to get your attention while you’re working. Furthermore, they like to sit on them in winter as the keyboards are warm.

There is nothing more annoying than getting distracted while working. But what if the distraction is a cute little cat? Who wouldn’t want to leave everything and play with them when they’re being cute and all? However, there are times when we are doing something important on our laptop or computer when our cat suddenly decides to take the spotlight.

Now, there are times when we stop working to cuddle with them a little, but we can’t always do this. No matter how badly we want to play with them, we can’t cause of work. During such times, the cats take the matter seriously and start walking on the keyboard. They don’t do this randomly, and there are multiple reasons for doing it.

They Want Attention

The biggest reason why cats like walking on the keyboard are because they want attention. If their favorite human is not giving them any attention, they try to get between whatever they are doing. If you’re working on a laptop, they will jump straight on your lap and then make their way to the keyboard. They are fully aware that you’re using the keyboard; they just don’t want you to anymore. And if you’re using a PC keyboard, they will either try to push the keyboard or play with its wire. In short, they will do whatever it takes to get your attention. 

They Know It’s Valuable 

Another reason why cats like walking on keyboards are because they know it is something valuable. As cats live in your house and know that you feed them daily, they observe whatever you do carefully. Since we spend most of our time on laptops or computers, cats know their importance. Therefore, something that is valuable to you automatically becomes valuable to them. Because of this reason, even if they don’t come and sit at the keyboard, they still come and sit at the table whenever they can.

It’s Like a Toy for Them 

Cats like to play a lot and tend to love whatever provides them entertainment. Something as simple as a sofa can keep them happy, as they get to scratch it. As for keyboards, cats are big fans of the sounds they make whenever they step on them. They like walking on them to hear the clicking sounds, and they start thinking of them as toys. And we all know crazy cats are for toys, right? This is why if you have a spare keyboard in your house that no longer works, it will be wise to let your cat have it. Otherwise, they will go crazy on the one you use, and they won’t stop until they have enough of it (which is never).

Perfect Source for Warmness

In winter, cats are always looking for something warm. They spend most of their time in their blankets and still want something warm whenever they get out of them. Fortunately for them, keyboards are pretty warm. If you own a laptop, they tend to get warm pretty quickly. Even some desktop keyboards get pretty warm after use, and cats love this. Cats spend around 70% of their time sleeping, so they can’t think of a better bed than the keyboard. They can enjoy the click sounds and then sleep on them after getting tired. 

Final Words

This was everything you needed to know about why cats walk on keyboards. There are plenty of reasons behind why they do this, but the biggest one is attention. After all, they think of you as their best friend and want to always play with you. If they see you giving more attention to something else, they try to get between it, even if it means jumping on the keyboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my keyboard stop working if my cat walks on it?

No, your keyboard will not stop working if your cat has a habit of walking on it. But you must ensure they don’t play around with their wire often, as this can damage them. 

Can my cat get hurt from walking on the keyboard?

No, your cat will not get hurt by walking on the keyboard.

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