Why Do My AirPods Drain So Fast?


On a single charge, AirPods usually last for at least three hours. You shouldn’t panic if your AirPod dies after two hours. It is likely because of how you’re using it, and you can apply some quick fixes to make your AirPods last longer. However, if you can only get thirty minutes of use out of your AirPods, then the AirPods might be faulty.

Quick Answer

Your AirPods drain fast because their battery cannot hold a charge efficiently due to improper use. Using your AirPods poorly speeds up the battery degradation. Improper use includes using the AirPods at maximum volume, overcharging AirPods, exposing AirPods to extreme temperatures, draining AirPods entirely before recharging, etc.

This article will address the most likely reasons why your AirPods are draining quickly. We will also suggest tested and trusted ways to preserve the charge of your AirPods. 

Why Your AirPods Are Draining Quickly

Although AirPods have small batteries and do not last as long as your phones, you can still guarantee a few hours per charge. If your AirPods are draining quickly, then you’re doing something wrong. We’ve come up with the most likely reasons below.

Using With the Volume Too Loud

Having the two AirPods work at maximum value is a surefire way to drain the battery quickly. You can save your battery by lowering the volume of the AirPods. There is no harm if the audio quality of the video or audio you’re listening to is so poor that you must increase the volume to the maximum. However, this shouldn’t be done regularly.

Besides draining the battery quickly, using AirPods at the maximum volume can damage your eardrums.

Opening the Charging Case Regularly

When your hands are idle, you find yourself doing some things without paying much attention. Like opening and closing pen caps, many people often open and close the AirPods cases for no apparent reason. This might seem harmless but opening the case usually activates the AirPod’s Bluetooth. When you do this repeatedly, you risk draining the battery.

Draining the AirPod’s Battery Before Charging

Many people believe you must let your device’s battery drain completely before charging to prolong the battery life. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although many people are fond of draining their device’s battery completely before recharging, the practice is ill-advised and often counter-productive

The rechargeable batteries in our gadgets are Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion). You do not need to drain Li-ion batteries entirely before recharging, as doing that would only reduce the battery’s ability to hold a charge. Instead, you should make it a habit to put the AirPods back in their case for recharging when the battery percentage is between 20 and 40%

Overcharging the AirPods

Just like it is not advisable to drain your battery before charging, overcharging your AirPods is equally harmful to the battery. Many AirPod owners are fond of charging the AirPods overnight. AirPods don’t take too long to reach full charge, and charging them for so long will damage the battery over time. 

If you do this regularly, your AirPod will soon be unable to hold a charge efficiently.

How To Prevent Your AirPods From Draining Quickly

Although Apple has a rating for its AirPods and the amount of time it should last on a single charge, there is no guarantee that it would remain like that after consistent use. AirPods have batteries, and batteries degrade with time. While you can’t stop the degradation, you may slow it down by following the best practices below.

Use One AirPod at a Time

In cases where your AirPod case has been drained completely, and you are not in a place where you can charge it, but you still want your AirPod to last as long as possible, the best thing to do is to use one AirPod at a time. In doing this, you will have to sacrifice user experience, but you can double the time your AirPods will work

Store Your AirPods in the Case

It is a bad habit to always leave your AirPods in your ears when you’re not using them. Even if the AirPods are not connected to any device, they constantly search for available devices to pair with whenever they are out of the AirPod case. Leaving them out of the case drains the battery significantly. That aside, the AirPods case also helps to protect the AirPods from damage.

When you leave your AirPods in your ears or lying around somewhere despite not using them, they are susceptible to external damage. You might spill water on them or sweat on them while working out. They might fall out of your ears and get stepped on. Always return the AirPods to their case when you are done using them. 

Don’t Store Batteries Under Extreme Temperatures

Getting the best out of your battery requires you to do everything right and avoid things that can increase the rate of deterioration of your battery. One such thing is extreme temperature. Your battery does not fare well in extreme temperatures. Extreme cold or heat affects the AirPods negatively.

Do not leave your AirPods in a hot car or place them beside an overheating computer. 

Turn Off Noise Cancellation 

Apple added the noise cancellation feature to AirPod Pro and AirPod Max to block external sounds from the surroundings and allow the best audio experience. Unfortunately, using this feature consumes your AirPods battery, and if you want a long audio experience, you might have to turn off this feature from your iPhone.

Connect your AirPod to your device and open Settings. Go to Bluetooth and tap the info icon. Turn off Noise Control

Reset Your AirPods

Try resetting your AirPods to see if it stops their battery from draining quickly. Connect your AirPods to your device and open Settings. Go to Bluetooth and tap the info icon. Select “Forget this Device” to disconnect your AirPods from your iPhone. Wait a few minutes and reconnect your AirPods to your iPhone.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you have tried all the quick fixes suggested above, and there is no noticeable improvement in your AirPod’s battery quality, or your AirPod battery only lasts about thirty minutes after each charge. In that case, you should consider getting new AirPods. Unfortunately, Apple does not accept trade-ins for AirPods. 

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