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Why Does Apple TV Keep Freezing?

Why Does Apple Tv Keep Freezing 1

An Apple TV is a tiny device that can take your media experience to a new level. It can transform your dull screen into a fully-fledged media streaming TV with support for all streaming services and applications. However, your Apple TV might sometimes freeze a lot, making your experience bad. So, what causes your Apple TV to stutter or freeze, and how can you avoid it?

Quick Answer

A slow internet connection or poor bandwidth is the most common culprit of a freezing Apple TV. If you’ve filled up all the memory of your Apple TV or haven’t updated the system software for a long time, it can also cause your Apple TV to buffer and freeze a lot. Updating and restarting the Apple TV might fix the issue.

If nothing seems to solve the freezing issue, then your only option would be to factory reset your Apple TV. It will free up all the storage space available, and your Apple TV will feel brand new again. 

We’ll walk you through all the problems that can cause your Apple TV to freeze in the article below and what you can do to fix them.

Slow Internet Connection

Having poor internet can really put a hold on your Apple TV experience. An Apple TV preloads any series or movie you’re watching through the internet so that it runs smoothly. However, when the internet connection is bad, it will have to buffer and load the contents

It can also happen if your Apple TV is placed too far away from the Wi-Fi router or your internet package doesn’t offer enough speeds to play high-quality content. You can check your internet speed through a speed test and ensure the results are above 8 Mbps.

Anything lower than this speed will have a hard time playing HD content. For 4K streaming, the internet speed must be above 25 Mbps.

The Solution

You can always ask your internet provider to increase your internet speed. They will be more than happy to provide you with a better package. They might also be able to fix any issues with your modem or Apple TV that could interfere with the signal perception.

If you rely on mobile data for the internet, the speed will depend upon your distance from the network tower. Your area might have bad internet coverage, or you might be accessing the internet during peak hours. Consider downloading the content with good internet speed so you can watch it without buffering or freezing.

Poor Bandwidth

Internet speed is one thing. The number of devices connected to your network can also cause your Apple TV to freeze. The more devices connect to the router, the poorer your bandwidth will become. 

Moreover, if someone connected to the network is downloading a large file, it can also take up a huge chunk of the internet. All these things will ultimately cause your Apple TV to buffer or freeze for a while until the resources are available.

The Solution

When your Apple TV keeps freezing, try disconnecting a few idle devices from your internet. If a large application or file is being downloaded, you can pause it for a while. You just need to get enough internet to your Apple TV so it can load up the video you’re watching.

Completely Occupied Memory

Well, internet speed or bandwidth is not always the culprit. Sometimes there might be an issue with your Apple TV as well. Filled-up memory is one of those Apple TV issues that can cause it to freeze.

When there are a lot of applications installed on your Apple TV, it can really put some strain on the processor. The processor always needs some extra memory to function properly, and if the storage space is full, you might experience app crashes, lags, and freezes very often. 

The Solution

Every once in a while, take some time to free up occupied space from your Apple TV. Always uninstall any applications you’ve not used for a while and delete those shows you’ve watched already.

Outdated OS

Last but not least, if your Apple TV OS is outdated, it’s naturally prone to bugs and freezing issues. Apple always fixes the known issues in the latest updates, so updating your Apple TV would also benefit from them.

New OS versions also support more streaming services and apps, which might not be well-optimized for previous TV OS versions.

The Solution

You should always keep your Apple TV updated to the latest OS version. Always be on the lookout if new system software is available.

General Fixes for Freezing Apple TV

Restarting your Apple TV might help resolve the freezing issue like most electronic devices. You can perform a hard reset on your Apple TV if the problem persists. It will wipe out all the data from your Apple TV, but all the bugs and issues like freezing could get solved.

The Takeaway

Many of us have faced the issue of Apple TV freezing while we’re streaming our favorite shows. This might happen due to a poor internet connection or bandwidth issues. Completely occupied system memory can also result in freezes, while an outdated TV OS can also be blamed for your Apple TV freezing.

We have combined all the problems and solutions related to your Apple TV freezing in this guide, so you’ll always know how to deal with and avoid this unfortunate situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset my Apple TV?

Resetting your Apple TV isn’t a long process. You need to head into Settings > “General” > “Reset” > “Restore” from your Apple TV. From there, you can reset your Apple TV and install the software as new again. 

Is my Apple TV too old?

If you’re still using the first-generation Apple TV, it might be too old to run specific applications smoothly. It will no longer receive updates from Apple. According to Apple, an Apple TV has a perfectly working lifespan of 4 years.

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