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Why Does My Apple TV Keep Turning Off?

Apple Tv With Remote

Apple has been receiving reports that Apple TV turns itself off randomly several times at night. If Apple does not fix this issue, users will not be able to watch the videos they want or listen to their favorite songs on television. But we need to know why this issue keeps happening all the time. Why does Apple TV keep turning off?

Quick Answer

The reason behind your Apple TV always going off might be that your TV needs an update, reset, or probably something worse might be going on. Your Apple TV might also be using the sleep timer to go to sleep, or probably the power cord has developed an issue. Any of the above reasons might be why your Apple TV turns off. 

This issue is not a minor problem because Apple TV is known to be most people’s entertainment device. If you did not input anything and your Apple TV keeps turning off, fix the hardware or software problem. You must know why your TV keeps turning off and how to tackle this issue. In this article, you will know why your Apple TV turns off. Read on and know how this happens.

Why Does Your Apple TV Turn Itself Off?

As said earlier, your TV might have some minor issues, like wanting a new update, or maybe you need to reset it. The timer might be malfunctioning and making it sleep frequently, or it might also be the power cord having some issues. Any of these can be the cause of your TV frequently turning off. But let’s show you how to handle any of these problems. 

How Can You Stop Your Apple TV From Going Off?

There are some easy steps you need to take to fix this problem. These steps won’t need much of your energy; just make sure you follow them carefully.

To restart, go to “Settings” first, enter the “System”, click on “Restart”, and make sure it reboots. Your TV will turn itself off and come back on. 

Tip #1: Hard Restart Your Apple TV 

You can hard restart your Apple TV using your remote by holding down the “Menu” and the “TV” button (1st generation Siri remote) until you see a flash of light on the Apple TV.  

Tip #2: Check the Status of Your Apple TV Sleep Timer

Your TV might have been going to sleep, but you can extend the time it takes before it will go to sleep. From “Settings”, go to “General” and then click on “Sleep” after. Select the time you want it awake or if you never want it awake. 

Tip #3: Unplug Your Apple TV

For a while, unplug your Apple TV. Powering your TV off for a few minutes can reset some internal conflicts affecting your memory. Simply unplug the power cord, wait for at least 5 minutes, then plug the cable back into the socket.

Tip #4: Update Your Apple TV

You may need the latest tvOS version if you have a software issue. To update, click on “Settings”, scroll to “Software Update” and click on it, then select the option update software and see if you have any pending updates. You can also turn the automatic update on to update your TV anytime an update is available. 

Tip #5: Change Your Power Cable

Your TV might not be sleeping but turning itself off. Your cord might be the cause of your TV turning off. If there’s a gaming console close by that uses the same power cord, swap the cords and see if it will help, or you can buy a new cord. 

Tip #6: Try a Factory Reset on Your Apple TV

This option clears all existing settings on your TV and starts it all over again like it’s for the first time. Simply go to “System” under “Settings”, and click on “Reset” or “Reset and Update”.

Tip #7: Contact Your Manufacturer

These methods might not have been helpful because you have a hardware problem you cannot fix yourself. Contact your manufacturer’s customer support for repair.

Keep in Mind

Please note that sometimes the hardware may have developed issues without you knowing. So it’s best you contact its manufacturers when this problem persists.


When your Apple TV keeps turning itself off randomly, it’s very frustrating. But this issue is not permanent, so you can use the aforementioned processes to fix the problem. But in case you tried all the processes, and it’s still going off, contact your manufacturer because it might be a hardware problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Apple TV go off when I use my MacBook Pro?

You might be using your MacBook to AirPlay on Apple TV, and suddenly it shuts off; just make sure the two devices are sharing the same network and make sure the AirPlay is turned on in the Apple TV. If it continues, then restart your Apple TV

Why does my TV disconnect from the Wi-Fi all the time?

There might be interference from other devices’ networks, making your Apple TV lose network. To fix this, try turning off any other device connected to the network, then try again. You can also troubleshoot to fix the Wi-Fi connection by checking the router and if you are on the right network.

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