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Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Cutting Out?

A Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth technology is invented to replace the common wire that you use to connect with your mobile phones, computers, and accessories. With Bluetooth technology, you enjoy transferring files or listening to audio without connecting through a cord. 

The good thing is that it does not reduce the quality of the file or audio. When listening to the audio, you may experience a better quality sound.

But there are times when your Bluetooth, which is meant to give you ease, starts frustrating you. Outputting audio sounds is becoming difficult because the speakers stutter. You are thinking of discarding your device right away.

Quick Answer

A Bluetooth device will keep cutting out if its associated components, such as the device or network, are faulty. For example, if the network is weak or not too strong, the Bluetooth will frequently disconnect. Also, if the associated Bluetooth devices are old or incompatible, the Bluetooth will fail to connect.

Here in this article, you will find the many reasons why your Bluetooth keeps cutting out and also see ways to fix it.

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Cutting Out?

The following are the reasons why your Bluetooth keeps cutting out.

Reason #1: Your Device Battery Is Insufficient or Weak

Once your device battery is low, it doesn’t have the required energy to connect at the other end hence the cutting out. 

Some Bluetooth devices also do not have a long working time as they were labeled. So, the battery often gets low sooner than you expected. 

If your device has a led light indicator, you might have mistaken the led light indicator for the low battery to mean a different signal entirely. Your device may be one of them. 

If your Bluetooth device does this, it isn’t as bad as you have thought.

Fixing Weak Battery Problems

To fix weak battery problems, you should maintain your battery and use it within a reasonable timeframe. Also, you can try charging it for longer hours than usual or until you notice the standard signal for a full battery

Reason #2: Obstructive Objects Are Around You

Your Bluetooth may keep cutting out depending on where you are

Whether indoor or outdoor, some objects can interfere with the Bluetooth signals. 

Some examples of obstructive objects are other active devices, your phone’s Wi-Fi connection, the wall, and home appliances such as microwave ovens and fluorescent light. The information below shows you how obstructive devices keep cutting out your Bluetooth.

Other Active Devices

While you’re in your room or in a place where another Bluetooth device’s signal is active, you might be unaware that your Bluetooth device has paired with another active device.  As a result, your speaker would suddenly go mute, or it may produce a stuttering sound. 


Apart from some other active devices that may interfere with your connection, if your Wi-Fi is on, it may also interfere with your Bluetooth connection. It also shares the same frequency spectrum of 2.4GHz.

Home Appliances

Also, at home, radio waves emitted by most common home appliances like microwave ovens and fluorescent lights do interfere with Bluetooth connection.

Microwave ovens use a 2.4GHz frequency spectrum as Bluetooth to cook food but at a higher temperature. While the fluorescent light does not heat, it also uses the same frequency spectrum of 2.4Ghz to emit light signals. 

So, depending on the quality of your Bluetooth headphones, when the fluorescent light is on, it may interfere with your Bluetooth signals which may cause your Bluetooth device to cut out. 


Within the home, the wall may serve as a barrier between connected devices. 

How To Remove Obstructive Devices

Solution #1: For active devices

  1. Go to your “Bluetooth Settings.” 
  2. Check the lists of previously paired devices.
  3. Then click “Forget” for each of them.
  4. Then reconnect or pair on your desired device.

Solution #2: For Wi-Fi

Switch off your Wi-Fi if it’s not in use. If it’s in use, deactivate your Bluetooth for the time being.

Solution #3: For Home Appliances

Move far away from the premises where any of these is present. Or switch them off if you can do without them at the moment. Better still, find an alternative to them.

Reason #3: Your Devices Are Not Compatible

While Bluetooth devices are expected to connect seamlessly, version compatibility poses a difficult one on efficiency. Both versions have to be compatible for proper functioning to occur. This is because Bluetooth technology in smart gadgets is often upgraded. 

Older versions of Bluetooth are version 3.0 and below. While the latest version in the gadget market now is version 4.0 and 5.0. 

So, if your Bluetooth headphone version is older or lesser than the audio source device, it can sometimes cause conflict between them. 

For instance, the latest Bluetooth version available is version 5.0. While your phone’s Bluetooth version may be lesser, like, for example, 3.0

How To Fix Compatibility Issue

To fix compatibility issues, you should check the devices’ user manual for their respective Bluetooth versions. If their Bluetooth versions are considerably far apart, they may not pair.

Reason #4: You Have Exceeded Your Device Communication Range

The standard distance range between Bluetooth devices of version 5.0 is 50 meters without interference when outdoors and 40 meters when indoors. 

So, if your device is below version 4.0 or below, do not expect your device to work within that range. The Bluetooth version of 4.0 supports 50m in the outdoor range and 10meter while indoor.

The older version of Bluetooth supports a shorter range than the newer versions.

This implies that when you exceed the standard range, your Bluetooth will keep cutting out  

How To Fix Device Communication Range Issues

To fix device communication range issues, you should check the user manual and use them within the authorized distances.

Reason #5: Your Internet connection Is Weak from The Audio Source

Yes! Your internet connection can also make you think less of your Bluetooth headphones. For instance, the internet is required for streaming audio from your audio app. When the internet connection is poor, you are more likely to experience stuttering from the audio output.

One way to detect this is by using your browser to test any website. If it loads slowly, then the cutting out you’re experiencing can result from the poor internet connection you’re currently using.

How To Fix Weak Internet Connection

To solve weak internet connection problems, make sure your internet connection is strong. You can exit the area for the time being to a place of a better relationship. Then, play the music from your audio source before connecting to your Bluetooth device again.  


In this article on why your Bluetooth device keeps cutting out, I have discussed some significant reasons that may affect your Bluetooth audio output. However, Bluetooth devices can be frustrating when they start to malfunction. And it can be even more frustrating when you’ve tried everything exceptional to correct the situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Bluetooth cutting out?

1. Restart your Bluetooth device.
2. Check if the two devices are paired.
3. Restart the source device and playback to ensure the audio source is clear.

Can my Bluetooth connection to multiple devices at a time?

While some Bluetooth devices can recognize more than one device, they can, however, only pair with just one at a time.

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