Why Does My Brightness Keep Going Down On iPhone

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A brightness dimming issue is a common occurrence on iPhones. Many people complain that their iPhone is constantly changing its brightness even if the user has set it at a steady level. And at times, while using it, it could get very dim and interfere with our vision on the screen. So, why does my brightness keep going down on my iPhone?

Quick Answer

There are plenty of reasons your iPhone screen brightness keeps going down. For instance, the surrounding light of the place you are using your phone may interfere with your phone’s brightness level. It happens when your phone is set as automatic and night shift.

As we continue in this article, we will see the top reasons why your iPhone brightness keeps going down. Keep reading to learn more and know how to set your iPhone brightness level appropriately.

What Are the Reasons Behind Brightness Fluctuation, and How to Fix It?

There are multiple factors that contribute to the changing brightness of your iPhone. Here are some common ones:

Option #1: Auto-Brightness

The main reason your iPhone keeps dimming is because of the auto-brightness feature. This feature is quite helpful in regulating the overall brightness, especially if you go in and out frequently. Although it helps save battery, if you stay out in the sun, it may drain the battery faster. 

To fix auto-brightness, you should:

  1. Go to your “Settings,” then select “Accessibility.”
  2. Then tap on “Display” and “Text Size” and turn the “Auto-brightness” off.

Option #2: Night Shift

Another feature that was built to minimize battery usage and eye fatigue is the night shift. This feature allows you to dim your phone brightness and make the colors appear warmer to help you fall asleep fast.

The night shift is a useful feature, so you need to set the time right; however, it won’t hurt if you don’t want to use it.

To change Night Shift settings, you should:

  1. Select “Settings” and go to “Display” and “Brightness.”
  2. After finding the night shift feature, time it accordingly when you want to fall asleep. 

You can also turn it Off if you don’t want to. 

Option #3: Truetone

The true tone is a great feature that adjusts the color tones and displays according to your surrounding lighting condition. This feature is good for your eyes as it can filter blue lights and save your eyes from straining.

However, as this feature is beneficial, the constant change in your surrounding light may lead the display and colors to fluctuate. Especially if you’re in dimmer lighting or indoors, the display can turn dim and bother you. 

To turn this feature off, you should:

  1. Go to phone Settings and select “Display” and “Brightness.”
  2. Tap on the “True Tone” and turn it off. 

Option #4: Manual Brightness

This may be the simplest way to fix the brightness issue. Always set your brightness manually, depending on your surroundings.

To fix the brightness issue through manual settings, you should:

  1. Turn the “Auto-brightness” feature off.
  2. Adjust the brightness bar to your preference.

However, the constant need to set the brightness can be an additional headache. So, if you want to opt for that option, make sure to set it in a way that works in almost all lighting conditions

Option #5: Low Power Mode

The power conservation mode in the iPhone is one of the best in the whole smartphone industry. However, keeping it on all the time, even if you don’t need it, can turn the brightness dim to save on power.

It is useful when you don’t have a charger near you. However, you will have to compromise your viewing experience due to the brightness turned all the way down. So, if battery percentage is not crucial, it is better to turn that feature off to keep the screen bright enough. 

Option #6: Other Issues

Sometimes, your iPhone may behave abnormally due to software issues. Many people will agree that their iPhones have behaved weirdly, at least at some point in time. Sometimes the phone gets overheated, which also causes the phone to stop functioning and a dimmed display. Here are a few ways to fix that:

  1. Try switching the phone off and restarting it. That may fix minor issues. 
  2. Also, keep your cache clear when your phone is idle. 

If this doesn’t fix the problem, then check for software updates. These updates almost always fix these issues.


You can also check for malicious software and bugs in your phone, and they can also make the phone behave abnormally. 


The dimming brightness issue of an iPhone is by far the most common. There is no need to worry much about it. Try following these tips and you won’t need anything else. However, if you’re using an old phone and the problem seems permanent, it’s time to visit the nearest service center.  

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