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Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting?

Disconnecting Controller

If you are a gamer, you know there’s nothing worse than your game controller disconnecting in the middle of a heated battle. Do you know why your game controller keeps disconnecting?

Quick Answer

A controller frequently disconnects if it is low on battery, it is too far from the console, there is wireless interference from another controller, or the controller is internally faulty. Whatever the cause may be, to fix the issue, you can restart your controller, try upgrading its firmware, re-pair it, or move it closer to the gaming console. If nothing works, the last resort is to replace the controller.

Further, in this post, we will explore in detail why your game controller might disconnect and share some tips on how to fix the problem. So read on to find out more!

What Causes the Game Controller To Disconnect?

A game controller doesn’t disconnect on its own. There are always some reasons behind this to happen. 

Here’s a list of 6 possible reasons your game controller might disconnect. 

Low Battery Levels

One of the most common reasons is that the controller’s battery is low. If your controller is wireless, it must be charged periodically. It will keep disturbing you within the game if it isn’t charged. 

Interference From Another Device

Another possibility is that there is interference from another wireless device. This can happen if you have multiple wireless devices in the same room, such as a wireless router or a cordless phone. 

Controller Is Out of Range

Most controllers used today are wireless and work on Bluetooth technology. This means the controller must be within the console’s range for it to work. If it is too far, it will disconnect. 

Outdated Firmware

If the firmware on your controller is outdated, it can cause problems such as frequent disconnection from the console.

Damaged USB Cable

For wired game controllers like DualShock controllers, wear and tear in the USB cable might cause disruption in connection. 

Internal Fault

Sometimes, the problem is with the controller itself. If your controller fell recently, something inside it might be damaged, causing it to disconnect frequently.

How To Fix a Controller That Keeps Disconnecting

Now that you know the reasons why the game controller keeps disconnecting. Here’s a list of all things you can try to fix a controller that keeps disconnecting. 

Reboot Your Console

A system restart is the first step to fixing any network connection problems. Rebooting your console may also help if your controller keeps dropping out of the connection.

When the device is restarted, the network connection is restored. As a result, improved signals are provided. In addition, if the problem is technical, restarting the devices should fix it. 

Here are the steps you may take to restart your console.

  1. To power down your system, hit the power button for several seconds.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds before pushing the power button again.
  3. Hold down the power button one more time and turn your console back on.
  4. Try reconnecting your controller after restarting your console. 

If the controller is linked with the PC, restarting it will give similar results. However, if the problem persists, try another method.

Re-Pair and Reconnect the Controller

Loose connections or damaged wires can also cause a controller to disconnect. If the connection is poor, you can attempt re-establishing it by reconnecting the controller. 

Just disconnect the cable and reconnect it back to the console or PC. If it does not resolve the issue, try a different cable.

In the case of a wireless controller, you may choose to re-establish the connection by pairing it again.

Different controllers can be paired using different methods. However, if you’re using an Xbox controller, here’s how to repair it with your console.

  1. Turn on the console by pressing its power button.
  2. Press the “X” button on the controller to turn it on.
  3. Keep pressing the pair button on the console until its light flashes. 
  4. Do the same thing for your controller.
  5. The controller and console are synced when both lights start to blink simultaneously.

Check for Firmware Updates

If there is a problem with the controller’s firmware, then you might be able to fix it by updating the firmware. 

It’s common for people to confuse firmware with drivers. But these two things are diametrically opposite. A controller requires a driver to communicate with a computer while the firmware runs the controllers.

If the driver is not up to date, the controller will not be able to communicate with the PC. However, the controller will stop working if the firmware is too old. 

Many players have said that changing the controller’s firmware fixed the disconnecting problem on the Xbox One controller.

Here are the steps to take to upgrade the firmware of your Xbox One.

  1. Connect your controller to the system via USB.
  2. Turn the system on, then sign in to Xbox Live.
  3. You should use a button on the controller to access the “Menu”.
  4. Follow the link labeled “Settings”.
  5. Visit the “Devices and Accessories” section.
  6. Find the bad functioning controller from the list.
  7. Select “Update”.
  8. To proceed, select “Continue”.
  9. If “No updates needed” appears on-screen, you’re already running the most recent firmware. If not, then go ahead and install the update.

You can follow the same procedure to update the firmware of any other controller like PS4.

Replace the Batteries

If your controller is wireless, one of the most common reasons it keeps disconnecting is that the batteries are low. Your game home screen will warn you if the controller is running low on batteries. 

Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones and see if that helps. Make sure they have power equal to the previous ones.

 If the batteries are rechargeable, ensure you fully charge them once a day to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Move to a Different Location

If you think interference might be the problem, try moving your controller and console to a different room. Similarly, don’t try to pair multiple controllers with a console.

Move Closer to the Console

The wireless controller usually has a range of 6 to 10 meters. If your controller goes beyond that range, it disconnects. So, to avoid any inconvenience, stay as closer to the gaming console as possible. Also, make sure the controller is facing the system.

Get a New Controller

If you have tried all of the above and still have problems, then there is a chance something inside the controller is at fault.

So, instead of opening apart your controller and repairing it, it is advised to replace the controller with a new one. This would possibly solve the problem.

Final Words

Multiple things can cause the controller to disconnect frequently. However, we hope that by following the tips given in this article, you should be able to fix the problem. If not, then it is advisable to buy a new controller.

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