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Why Does My Google Home Keep Disconnecting?

Google Home

Ever wondered why in the middle of watching the new episode of your favorite TV show and your Google Home disconnects? It can get frustrating and annoying to experience such issues while streaming content and enjoying your day off! And it is not unusual for smart systems like Google Home to experience connectivity issues.

Quick Answer

You can fix connectivity issues by restarting Google Home and your router. If that doesn’t fix it, setting up the device again will help you fix the connectivity issues.

Because it’s unclear why a device is disconnecting, connectivity issues may be annoying. For example, why do I lose connection with my Google Home? Or is this a widespread problem? That is why you must troubleshoot the device to figure out what is causing problems. Hardware-related issues are extremely uncommon, and there is likely just a configuration issue with your device.

Read on to find out how to troubleshoot and fix your Google Home connectivity issues!

Why Google Home Is Disconnecting

There are various reasons for your Google Home device to disconnect. From issues ranging from a wireless connection issue and mismatched bandwidth to sometimes even the strength of signals, most issues can be easily fixed by yourself without needing help from a professional.

It is important to note that sometimes you might still face the issue despite going through all the troubleshooting steps I have written. In such cases, it is best to report the problem to Google and take your device to a trusted professional near you.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

A reliable Wi-Fi connection is necessary to operate Google Home devices and subsequent product versions. The most frequent ones are undoubtedly connection-related, coupled with flaws that are, to some extent, anticipated.

Some consumers complain that Google Home frequently disconnects from their Wi-Fi network, while others claim they cannot connect to any network. This is why we will explore how to fix connecting with the network.

Visible Wi-Fi Network But Unable To Connect

One of the most common issues faced by users is that while setting up their Google Home, they will find the Wi-Fi network visible or shown in the list of the available network, but when they try connecting to it, they will not be able to do so. 

The exact reason this issue occurs is unknown, but the following are the steps you can take to try and fix this issue.

  • Google Home is plugged in and turned on: After opening or unboxing your Google Home, plug it into a power outlet and wait for it to turn on. You can see if it’s turned on by the light that will be visible on the device.
  • Correct password: Often, users input the incorrect password into their network. An excellent way to avoid this issue is to try connecting another device to your network or confirm the password before entering it.
  • Incorrect bandwidth: If your router is dual-band, you might be connecting to a bandwidth the device doesn’t recognize or with which it cannot connect. Try changing your router’s bandwidth to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to see if it’s resolving the issue. Choose the 5 GHz option if your Google Mini is closer to the router and there are no walls in the way. However, remember that most older gadgets only operate on the 2.4 GHz spectrum if you can’t run two separate SSIDs.
  • Updating app: You might use an older Google Home app version. Unfortunately, this also causes issues as, at times, the developers will release a version that fixes the issue, but since you haven’t updated the app, you will not be able to resolve the issue. You can update your app by going to your application store and manually checking for app updates.

How To Troubleshoot Your Disconnected Google Home

The suggestions described above might solve your issues, but there are situations where you might see that the above suggestions are not helping. Follow the suggestions below to see if your issues are fixed in such a situation.

Method #1: Restarting Your Google Home and Router

Restarting your Wi-Fi network and Google Home should be your priority. After a minute or two, try voice trigger to check if the Google Home is connected to Wi-Fi. Usually, restarting the devices fixes the issues because it resets any software-related issue that might be causing connectivity issues.

Method #2: Performing a Device Setup

The Google Home speaker will then need to be added again to the Google Home app after the network has been deleted. So when you add the device once more and enter your network credentials, look for improvements. Hopefully, your Google Home won’t constantly be cutting out after that.

You can follow the following steps to set up your device again.

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap on the Google Home speaker.
  3. Open Settings (gear icon at the top).
  4. Select “Device Information”.
  5. Tap “Forget” next to the Wi-Fi.

The above steps will remove your device, and you will have to follow the steps to set it up with your phone again.

  1. Open the Google Home app (if you have closed the app).
  2. On the main screen, tap on the plus (+) icon.
  3. Select “Set up device”.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Method #3: Performing a Factory Reset

Finally, you should reset Google Home to factory settings and re-configure it if none of the preceding procedures were successful for you and it keeps disconnecting. There’s no need to worry about losing settings because everything connected to your smart devices is linked to your account and cloud-based. After the setup, all that has to be done is to alter the default voice.

You can follow the steps below to reset your device.

  1. Press the button on the bottom and hold it until you hear a signal.
  2. The LED light will turn blue, indicating that you have reset your device. Now, you can follow the regular steps to set up your Google Home.


Following the troubleshooting guide above, you will be able to fix your connectivity issues and will be able to enjoy your Google Home without any problems!

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