Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing?

Hp Laptop

Besides enabling you to use them on the go, laptops must also be efficient or risk lowering your workplace productivity and tarnishing your image. When your HP laptop freezes, its monitor stops functioning and the programs running in the background stop working. This can be very annoying if it happens often and when working on a crucial project. 

Quick Answer

If you’re tired of your HP laptop repeatedly freezing, you need to find out what’s causing the issue. It’s only by doing this that you’ll be able to know the best way to handle such a problem. Some of the main things that are responsible for the freezing of your HP laptop include the following.

• Insufficient memory.
• Lack of enough hard disk space.
Virus and malware.
• Outdated drivers.
• CPU overheating.
• Outdated processors

Continue reading to learn more about how each of these issues is responsible for causing your HP laptop to freeze. You’ll also learn how to resolve the problems best and boost the overall performance of your HP laptop. Let’s get started. 

Insufficient Memory 

The role of the random access memory (RAM) is to ensure all the programs on your HP laptop are open and quickly accessible. If your HP laptop has RAM that’s 2GB, it’ll most certainly freeze from time to time when using it. This problem can also happen because faulty RAM prevents your HP laptop from working optimally, leading to freezing problems. 

Fortunately, this issue is easy to resolve, and you can choose to replace the RAM with one with bigger memory. Alternatively, you can install an extra RAM with a higher capacity to work with the current one. Doing this will drastically resolve the freezing issue if the problem is with the hardware of your HP laptop. 

Inadequate Hard Disk Space 

Another reason your HP laptop is constantly freezing is the lack of enough space in the hard disk. This issue most likely happens if your HP laptop is outdated and doesn’t have enough storage to store all your files. As a result, the PC’s speed will be negatively affected if you don’t keep deleting unnecessary software, games, or movies

Malware and Viruses 

The last thing you want is malware, viruses, and corrupted files finding their way into your HP laptop. If malware and viruses enter your HP laptop, they’ll cause issues, such as sudden stutters, misbehaves, and lags.

Other issues arising from viruses and malware on your HP laptop include the following.

  • Odd pop-up messages are showing on your laptop’s screen. 
  • There are missing files on the laptop’s hard disk. 
  • Programs are failing to start up or continuously crashing
  • Any external hard drives connected to your laptop are corrupted

If the malware and virus have already entered your HP laptop, worry not, as there’s still a solution. You can install a reliable antivirus program that can capably detect malicious programs on the internet trying to find their way into your PC. Some of the best antivirus programs you can get include Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Norton

Alternatively, you can activate the Windows Defender, which is pre-installed on all Windows OS computers. This program comes with safety features that can detect viruses and malware that might cause harm to your HP laptop. Consequently, it blocks malware and viruses from finding their way into your laptop. 

CPU Overheating 

All computers generate heat due to CPU computations. Because of this, they come installed with fans that help to cool the CPU and ensure it’s running at optimal running temperature. But if you run several programs concurrently, the fans will struggle to cool your HP laptop

If the heat gets too much, it causes overheating and eventually starts causing your laptop to freeze. This happens because too much heat causes your laptop to freeze, thereby reducing the CPU’s efficiency. 

Outdated Drivers 

Your HP laptop might also be freezing because its drivers are outdated. Drivers are software that enables the PC hardware and operating system to communicate effectively. If these drivers are outdated, they’ll cause your HP laptop to start experiencing intermittent freezing issues. 

You simply need to restart your device to know whether your HP laptop is freezing due to outdated drivers. This way, all the missing drivers will be downloaded and installed onto your PC. You can also download these drivers by going to HP’s official website to get the newest version which will help resolve the freezing problem. 

Outdated Processors 

Your HP laptop can also start to freeze a lot more often because of an outdated processor that’s very old to be capable of carrying out routine activities today. This mostly happens if the processor is five years or older

If you’ve determined the constant freezing is due to an outdated processor, consult a professional technician to install a new one. The processor’s capabilities will depend on its price, with more expensive CPUs delivering better performance. 


The last thing you’d want to experience as an owner of an HP laptop is a frozen screen because this restricts you from using your computer. This is why you need to find out what’s causing your HP laptop to freeze. After all, only once you find out the cause of why the screen is freezing can you know the solution that can best deal with this problem. 

This guide has helped answer this issue by outlining in-depth the different things that might be causing your HP laptop to freeze constantly. Knowing these insights will come in handy in helping you get your HP laptop to stop freezing and how to permanently deal to prevent it from arising in the future.

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