Why Does My LG Monitor Say “No Signal”?

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Is your LG monitor not receiving any signal, which is driving you to frustration due to workflow interruptions? Luckily, there are multiple workarounds available to resolve this problem.

Quick Answer

To fix your LG monitor saying “No Signal”, start by shutting down your PC and turning off the monitor. Now, unplug the main power supply switch, detach the power cables and wait for 5 minutes. Finally, reconnect the cables and turn on the computer.

To simplify things, we took the time to write a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on why your LG Monitor says No Signal and how to fix it!

Reasons for the “No Signal” Error on LG TV

Many LG monitor users have experienced a “No Signal message on their screens, which has become why the brand faces backlash. However, discovering the root of the problem can help you decipher the solution.

Here are some reasons why your LG Monitor says there is no signal.

Reason #1: Selecting an Incorrect Input Source 

A common error that you may make is plugging the cable in one input port and accessing the other input source on your screen. For instance, you may have used an HDMI cable to connect your monitor to the system but selected the D-SUB (VGA) as an input source.  

Image 224

Reason #2: Cabling Issues

Another reason your LG monitor may display the “No Signal message or cause connectivity issues can be that you are using a cable that is compatible with your monitor. 

Image 225

Additionally, if your cable is in poor shape, it can disrupt the connectivity between your PC and monitor. 

Reason #3: Malfunctioning Port

In rare cases, the “No Signal” error could occur because the input port you’re plugging the cable in may not function properly. 

Fixing Your LG Monitor Saying “No Signal”

If you’re wondering why your LG Monitor says No Signal and how to fix it, follow our 5 step-by-step methods to help you resolve this problem easily.

Method #1: Restarting the LG Monitor

To fix a “No Signal” error on your LG monitor, try resetting the monitor with the following steps.

  1. Shut down the PC.
  2. Switch off the main power supply switch.
  3. Detach the cables connected to the monitor and wait for 5 minutes.
    Image 226
  4. Plug in the cables again and switch on your PC.
  5. Your LG monitor will be good to use now!

Method #2: Checking Connection Cables

To ensure your LG monitor works without interruptions, check the connection cables with the following steps.

  1. Shut down your PC and unplug the power supply switch.
  2. Detach the cables that connect your PC to the monitor and examine them.
  3. Ensure that there is no visible damage or tear in the cables.
    Image 227
  4. In case of damage, replace the cables with new ones.
  5. Clean the ports and plug in the cables again.
  6. Power on your system and verify the fix!

Method #3: Choosing the Correct Input Source

You can also try fixing your monitor’s No Signal error by choosing the correct input source with the following steps.

  1. Hit the joystick button on your LG monitor to access the menu.
  2. Navigate to select the correct input source according to the attached cables from the menu.
  3. Your monitor will now function without displaying an error. 

Method #4: Reinserting the RAM Sticks 

One possible reason the LG Monitor is showing a No Signal error could be that there is no connectivity between the RAM sticks and the motherboard. 

To fix the issue, remove and reinsert the RAM sticks in the following way.

  1. Shut down and unplug the main power supply of your PC.
  2. Lay the PC on the floor and unscrew the PC cabinet.
  3. Locate the RAM sticks on the motherboard and unclip them gently.
    Image 229
  4. Exchange their slots and plug them in without any forced pressure. 
  5. Secure the clips and screw the PC cabinet properly.
  6. Plug your PC, turn it on, and see if the monitor is operating correctly.  

Method #5: Resetting the BIOS

Another way to fix your LG monitor saying No Signal is by resetting the BIOS without a monitor using the following steps.

  1. Shut down the PC, lay it down on the floor, and unscrew the PC case
  2. On the motherboard, locate the CR2032 CMOS battery near the PCIe slots.
    Image 230
  3. Remove the CMOS battery by pushing the lock sideways and detaching the cable connected to the motherboard.
  4. Hold the power button on the PC to discharge the charges and reinsert the CMOS battery.
  5. Reconnect the cable with the motherboard to reset the BIOS and screw the PC case back on.
  6. Turn on your PC to resolve the “No Signal” monitor error!


In this guide, we’ve discussed why your LG monitor says “No Signal” error. We’ve also discussed fixing the issue by restarting the monitor, checking the cables, choosing the correct input source, reinserting the RAM sticks, and resetting the BIOS. 

Hopefully, your question is answered, and you can now easily enjoy playing games on your big LG monitor without interruptions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I factory reset my LG monitor?

To reset your LG Monitor, press the joystick button from the bottom of the screen. Now, navigate to the “Reset” option from the on-screen menu and hit the joystick button again. Choose “Reset” and select “OK” to confirm your decision.

Is it possible for me to split the screen in LG monitors?

LG allows users to split their screens into 4 sections without a problem. To do so, download LG’s split-screen software from their website. Once the software has been installed, you can see the split screen icon on the desktop. Click the icon to activate your split screens. 

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