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Why Does My Nest App Say Offline?

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A smart thermostat is an excellent addition to a home as it gives you the option to control the temperature even when you’re not at home. The Google Nest thermostat, or the Nest app, is controllable with the Home app. But when you notice unnecessary battery drains, sudden restart, or disconnected Nest app, it means the Nest app is offline. But what does the Nest app say offline? 

Quick Answer

Generally, there are several reasons why the Nest thermostat is going offline. The most common reason includes a low battery or poor internet connection. Although errors in the Nest app or when it is outdated play a significant role in why it says it’s offline. 

Provided there is no faulty hardware, with a few hacks, you should be able to fix this annoying issue concerning the Nest thermostat. Fortunately, all such causes of the Nest app saying offline are pretty reversible. So, keep reading to learn more about the causes and how to fix the Nest app saying offline. 

How To Fix the Nest App Saying Offline 

To fix the issue with the Nest app saying offline, you need to be able first to pinpoint its cause. There are several tricks you can use to resolve the issue. However, below are some of the tricks you can try out. 

Tip #1: Check and Reset the Wi-Fi Connection 

When your internet connection is poor, it may hinder the proper functions of the Nest app, thus showing it as offline. So, when you get this error message, one of the first things you want to troubleshoot is your internet connection. 

If you are using a Wi-Fi router, try rebooting it or connect to a different Wi-Fi and try again, although you can use the Nest app without a Wi-Fi connection, with limited features. 

Tip #2: Check and Replace the Battery 

A low-powered battery can also cause the thermostat the Nest app controls to go offline. So, check the status of the battery on the thermostat when this error pops up. If the battery is not good enough, change them up. 

To check the status of the battery, click on the “Quick View” menu on the thermostat and click on “Technical Info”. Next, locate the battery, and check if the voltage of the battery is above 3.8 V. If the battery is below 3.6 V, it means the battery needs to be replaced.  

Tip #3: Restart the Thermostat 

Sometimes, the reason you are getting the error message could be because of issues with the thermostat. In such a case, restarting the thermostat can help to eradicate the bugs and errors

To restart the thermostat, tap on the thermostat ring, go to “Settings”, click on “Reset”, select the “Restart” option, and click on “OK” to confirm. While you are waiting for the thermostat to restart, which can take up to 30 seconds, restart your router too. 

Tip #4: Reset the Network Settings 

If the battery and the thermostat are fine, you should reset the network settings on your router and the Nest app. To reset the network settings, go to Settings, click on the “Reset” option, select “Network”, tap on the “Reset” option, and click on “Confirm”. After the network reset is complete, go to Settings and click on “Network”, then reconnect to your Wi-Fi router. 

Tip #5: Update the Nest App 

As we said at the beginning of this article, the Nest app is showing offline when it shouldn’t because the app is outdated. When the Nest app is outdated, bugs may cause the app to start malfunctioning. However, updating the app should eliminate these bugs, causing the app to function normally.

You can update it at the App Store if you are an iOS user or Play Store for Android users. Search for the Nest app, and click the “Update” button if an update is available. 

Tip #6: Check Nest’s Current Status 

Another possible reason you are experiencing an issue with the Nest app is that the Nest server is down. In such cases, even if you have a good internet connection and there is no issue with the Nest app, you wouldn’t still be able to connect to the server. 

To know if the Nest server is down, go to the Nest official website and click on the “Current Status” button. 

Tip #7: Reset the Nest App

One final trick you can try to fix the Nest app’s offline issue is to reset the Nest app. It is advisable to save this option for last, as when you reset the Nest app, it deletes all your data. Hence, it will seem like you are installing the app afresh. So, unless you have to, do not reset the Nest app. 

To reset the Nest app, click on the Settings app, navigate to the app list on your smartphone, and click on the Nest app. Find users’ data and click on the “Reset” button to clear it. 

Keep in Mind

When rebooting any electronic device, including the Google Nest smart thermostat, you should always unplug it from its power source to deplete the charge inside the internal capacitors.


Overall, the Nest app comes in handy in a couple of ways. But when it says offline, you lose every remote control feature of the app. Hence, such an error message must be treated with urgency as it needs to be fixed to use the app. 

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