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Why Does My Phone Overheat on Facetime

An Iphone Overheating In The Sun

With the advancement of technology, new phones with amazing features are released every year. But with these features, new issues arise as well. One of these issues is overheating.

If your phone (be it an iPhone or Android) overheats, you cannot use it for a prolonged period. Thankfully, there are solutions to prevent your phone from overheating, like turning down the brightness and updating iOS. But first, it’s essential to know the reasons for overheating phones (this article will focus on iPhones).

Quick Answer

There are many reasons why a phone overheats while on Facetime. A common reason is that multiple apps are running on your phone simultaneously. Other causes are high phone brightness, mobile data turned on, out-of-date operating systems, and even the environment’s room temperature.

The remainder of this article explains in full detail why your iPhone overheats on FaceTime. In addition, we’ll provide you with solutions to keep your phone safe from overheating. Read on to find out!

Why Does My Phone Overheat on FaceTime?

There are many reasons for iPhones to overheat on FaceTime, including:

  • The brightness of your phone is too high.
  • Your phone is getting direct heat from the sun.
  • You are using multiple apps at one time.
  • The mobile data of your phone is on.
  • You are using FaceTime while the phone is on charging.
  • Your phone is having a system problem.

You can fix the issue of overheating the iPhone by eliminating these causes. To get rid of this issue, we have some possible solutions. Try the given solutions and keep your iPhone cool during FaceTime.

How To Stop Your Phone from Overheating on FaceTime?

There are multiple solutions for protecting the iPhone from overheating on FaceTime. Here we will discuss seven solutions with their step-by-step application. 

Solution #1: Low Down the Brightness

The first cause of overheating of the phone can be high brightness. High brightness drains the battery and overheats the phone. 

To turn down the brightness:

  1. Open “Settings” on your phone.
  2. Tap on “Display and Brightness.”
  3. Turn down the level of brightness. Check if your phone is cooling down in the meanwhile. If not, try something else.

Solution #2: Change Your Sitting Place

You are sitting in a hot place, or your Phone is getting direct sunlight, due to which your phone is overheating.

Try to sit in a cool room/place during FaceTime. Please don’t keep your phone in a hot area where it receives direct heat.

Solution #3: Close Unnecessary Apps

The overheating of the phone could be multiple windows opening in your phone. Check your phone and close all extra opened apps on your phone. Closing of apps affects the overheating of your phone during FaceTime.

Solution #4: Turn Off Mobile Data

Mobile data drains the battery a lot. So using Mobile data while FaceTime will consume battery and overheats your phone. Turn off Mobile data and try to use Wi-Fi while using FaceTime. 

Solution #5: Don’t Charge the Device on FaceTime

iOS devices and iPhones get heat while charging. Charging and FaceTime at the same time will consume a lot of battery and result in overheating of your iPhone.

Charge your phone before FaceTime and save your iPhone from overheating.

Solution #6: Update iOS

Software problems can also lead to overheating your iPhone on FaceTime. Check out if your phone has any software updates. If you don’t know how to check available updates, follow the mentioned procedure.

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Software Update.”
  3. If any software update is available, click on “Download and Install.”

Solution #7: Reset the Device

If your iPhone is still overheating on FaceTime, solve the issue by resetting the device. 

Important to note: Resetting the device will lose all your data. Make sure you have done the backup of your device.

For resetting the device

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “General” from the list.
  3. Open “Transfer and Reset.” 
  4. Tap on “Erase All Content & Settings.”
  5. Enter your passcode/password for confirmation.

After confirmation, you’ll lose your iPhone data. The device will be like you are using it for the first time. Use the device after reset and check 


Overheating iPhone while using FaceTime is a headache and tension for many people. You may also face the same issue of having an overheat notification on your iPhone. 

To resolve the issue, we have provided you with answers to your query about why my phone overheats on FaceTime. Also, these solutions have easy-to-apply steps given and fix this issue. 

Protect your device from overheating by using the techniques mentioned above. After all possible solutions, contact Apple Support if you still face the problem. Your device may have a hardware problem.

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