Why Does My Phone Say No SIM (6 Quick Fixes)

No Sim Card Error Phone

Whether you are using an Android phone or iPhone, you can experience the No SIM error even after you’re sure you have inserted it.

Usually, no SIM error means your phone is not detecting the SIM card. As a result, you cannot send messages, make calls and even use data to browse. The problem can be so frustrating until you replace the SIM cards.

However, some actions can save you from no SIM error without necessarily replacing the SIM card. So, stay around.

In this article, we will cover the six best ways to troubleshoot invalid SIM card error. But first, let’s explain what a SIM card is and why your phone would say no SIM.

What Is a SIM Card, and Why Would Your Phone Say No SIM?

A SIM card is a computer chip that holds essential details and allows connections between networks. Its function is that you can make calls, send messages and connect to internet services. Further, you can save messages, contacts, and emails on the SIM card.

The SIM card can’t perform such functions when showing no SIM error. The error can result when you have not inserted the SIM card correctly or when the SIM card has been damaged. Further, when not connected to the mobile carrier network can cause the no SIM error.

But all these problems are solvable. So, let’s see how you can fix the issues as we unmask other reasons your phone would say no SIM.

6 Ways to Fix No SIM Error on Your Phone

Here are the six ways to fix the “No SIM” error on your phone.

#1. Remove and Re-Install the SIM Card

As we have noted, no SIM error can result from poor insertion of the SIM card to its tray. In such cases, first, remove the SIM card, wait for about 30 seconds, and then attempt to reinsert it again.

If you are using an iPhone, the SIM card is located at the side of the phone. On Android phones, you can either remove its battery or pull a tiny paperclip metal at the side of the phone to eject the SIM card.

#2. Turn the SIM Card on and Airplane Mode Off

Perhaps the SIM card is locked, which is why it shows an invalid SIM. Therefore, check if the SIM card is turned on once you see the no SIM error. If not, access the setting and turn on the SIM card.

On the other hand, when the airplane mode is set on, the SIM card won’t work. So ensure you keep the airplane off. Swipe the phone down from the top right corner to open the control center and put it off when it’s on. Moreover, turning on and off the airplane mode several times can help resolve the No SIM error. 

#3. Check Your Mobile Carrier Network Connection

Your mobile carrier network has probably released a new network carrier to improve its connectivity. As a result, you will constantly have no SIM problem since your cellular network is outdated. Thus, it would be best to do the necessary update to keep you connected.

The following are the steps to confirm and update your cellular network:

  1. Open Settings and the access General.
  2. Locate the “About” option and click on it.
  3. The above step prompts to “Update.” Tap it and wait for minutes for the updates to finish.

Ensure that you are connected to a stable wifi network when updating the cellular network.

#4. Clean the SIM Card and Its Tray

Dirt and any other foreign particle clogging the SIM card or tray may cause no SIM error. Therefore, you should remove the SIM card and gently wipe it using a dry clean cloth. Further, drive compressed air into the SIM card tray to remove dust particles.


Do not use rough materials, water, rubbing alcohol, or soap since they can scratch and damage the SIM card.

#5. Restart the Phone

If you have tried all the previous attempts to no avail, then your SIM card is okay. Therefore, your phone could be the only culprit triggering no SIM error. Usually, when glitches and bugs attack the phone, they result in several issues, such as rejecting SIM cards.

So, restarting the phone can help. The approach does away with some of those software viruses, if not all. Also, it frees some RAM to support fast phone processing, thus enabling it to recognize the SIM card.

#6. Replace the SIM Card

Replacing the SIM card should be the last option after trying all the above approaches. However, before replacing the SIM card, use a working SIM card on your phone to confirm if it is okay.

If the SIM card works on the phone, proceed to replace your SIM card. But if the same SIM card doesn’t work on the phone, it is an accurate indication your phone has a problem. Return it to your dealer, and if it has a warranty, you will be compensated accordingly.


Why does my phone say no SIM is a common question on the internet. As we link the problem to SIM card damage or poor SIM card insertion, we think phone systems can be responsible for the issue.

However, we hope the approaches to fix no SIM error in this article are helpful. So, feel free to try all of them. But if they fail, test your SIM card and phone and whatever is spoiled, take necessary actions such as replacing the SIM card or purchasing a new phone.

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  1. I have Republic Cellular and get a similar message when trying to check my data usage, if
    I have WiFi Calling enabled. Turning that off allows me to get to their site to check that, so apparently, it needs a direct-via-SIM connection for that.

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