Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out?

Sound Bar

A soundbar is one of the cheapest and most straightforward methods for adding quality sound to a home theater or entertainment system. While the soundbar’s audio quality might not be comparable to a standard home theater system, it heavily compensates for this negative with its price tag.

However, despite the many advantages of the soundbar, sometimes our soundbar could start cutting out audio output, ruining the entertainment experience.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this short tutorial to enlighten you on the possible reasons your soundbar keeps cutting out audio output and possible solutions.

Bluetooth Interference

The wireless soundbars typically connect to other devices using Bluetooth or WiFi technology. WiFi-enabled soundbars have high bandwidth frequency capability to ensure smooth and seamless connections with minimal interference.

Bluetooth-enabled soundbars, on the other hand, are not so infallible. They have more disadvantages and are less effective compared to their WiFi counterparts.

Bluetooth interference is one of the most common causes of soundbars cutting out. Thankfully, many alternative connectivity options are available for your soundbars, like HDMI port, coaxial port, etc.


It is very easy to troubleshoot Bluetooth Interference as a cause of your soundbar cutting out. To do this, note when your soundbar is cutting out. Is it only when your soundbar is connected via Bluetooth, or when it is connected via HDMI or WiFi. If yes, when connected via Bluetooth, you have your answer, and if no, the problem might be more profound.


There is no standard fix for Bluetooth interference in your soundbar. However, there are tips on how you can effectively minimize it.

Method #1

If your soundbar has an alternate connectivity option, try connecting to your TV via any available options and turn off Bluetooth. If your soundbar keeps cutting out because of Bluetooth Interference, this should do the trick.

Method #2

By minimizing Bluetooth Interference. To achieve this, try to remove any other Bluetooth device from the room. Alternatively, you can turn them off or disable their Bluetooth connection if possible.

If your soundbar is far from your TV, change the positioning to ensure it isn’t more than a foot with no visible obstruction.

Poor Cable/Wire Connection

If it isn’t Bluetooth Interference, another likely reason that your soundbar keeps cutting out is poorly connected cables or wires.

The wired connection between your soundbar and TV must be clean and firm. If this isn’t the case, audio output from the soundbar is likely to cut out frequently.

In addition, wired connection using poor quality cables can also cause your soundbar to keep cutting out.


The solution is straightforward. Ensure that all wired connections are not tangled and make full and firm contact with your soundbar’s connection terminals with a snug fit.

If your soundbar’s problem is due to poor quality cables, we recommend that you replace the wires with better quality ones.

When you want to upgrade your old cable, it is advisable to go for those produced by your soundbar’s manufacturer or other reputable manufacturers. Try as much as possible to avoid unlabeled and cheaper cable options.

Aging Components

As with any other electronic appliance, time will tell on your soundbar. As your soundbar ages, its internal components – capacitors, resistors, circuitry, etc., start to burn and wear out.

When these components age, they perform sub-optimally; you’ll have to start dealing with connection drops, interruptions, or poor audio quality. Eventually, you start noticing that your soundbar keeps cutting out regularly.


If the problem stems from your soundbar’s old or worn-out components, what you want to do is pay a visit to a service professional.

So, the damaged parts can be replaced depending on how worn out the components are. The board housing the components might also have to be replaced.

Either way, you’ll have a working and healthy soundbar eventually. Plus, it’s cheaper than getting a replacement and reduces waste.


This short tutorial has discussed various reasons your soundbar keeps cutting out. It could be Bluetooth interference, poor cable/wires connection, or old internal components.

We hope that we’ve been able to help you diagnose and fix your soundbar cutting out so that you can quickly return to playing your favorite music/video without any interruptions.

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