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Why Does My Uber App Say “No Cars Available”?

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Are you in a hurry and trying desperately to order an Uber, but your app keeps telling you that there are no cars available? We’ve all been there and can’t think of anything more frustrating. You might be wondering why you’re getting that response. And no, your app isn’t malfunctioning. The first step to fixing the solution is diagnosing the problem. 

Quick Answer

There are two main reasons your Uber app is telling you there are no cars available. The first reason is that there is a surge in demand for Uber rides in your area, more than the available cars can handle at that moment. This may be because of rush hour, heavy rain, etc. The second reason is that there aren’t enough drivers in your location

In this article, you will learn the answer to why your Uber App says no cars are available and how you can fix the problem. But first, we will start with the two main reasons your Uber app is telling you there are no cars available.

Surge in Demand for Uber Cars 

When the demand for a product increases while the supply remains the same, the product becomes harder to find. Uber drivers can anticipate a sudden increase in demand for Uber cars. For example, Uber drivers can make themselves available close to an airport when they anticipate that the plane will land at that time. 

The following reasons can cause a surge in demand for Uber rides.

Rush Hour

This is common during the weekdays as workers try to get to their workplace without being late, and students try to get to school on time. During rush hour, there is a sharp increase in demand for Uber cars, and it is harder than usual to find available cars.

Heavy Rainfall

During heavy rainfall, everyone wants to get to their destination and avoid getting wet. The best way to do this is to order an Uber instead of waiting in the rain for taxis. As more people order Uber in the same location, the chances of finding a driver reduce.

Public Transportation Issues

If the public transport system or the subway is being closed or delayed due to ongoing construction, maintenance, or closures, many who use public transport will have to find an alternative. This will increase the demand for Uber cars. 

Few Uber Drivers Available

A decrease in supply can also cause a similar effect to an increase in demand. When there are few Uber cars available in a place, you will find it hard to find an available ride.


If you live in major cities like New York City or Los Angeles, you will find an abundance of Uber cars and will hardly come across the “no cars available” error on your Uber app. However, if you live in a remote location, fewer Uber drivers are operating in your location, and the chances of not finding an available car are high.


The time you order a ride also determines the number of cars available in your location. For example, cars are harder to find in the middle of the night because most Uber drivers are asleep at home. Also, more Uber drivers will be available if you order a ride on Friday night because the drivers will expect an increase in demand. 

You may also find more Uber rides available during weekends. This happens because some drivers work other jobs during the weekdays and drive Uber during weekends.

What To Do When Uber Has No Cars Available

When Uber says no cars are available, you don’t have to cancel your outing. There are several options you can try to remedy the situation.

Exercise Patience and Try Again

The best thing to do when Uber says there are no cars available is to wait a few minutes and order again. This is because previously busy cars could have offloaded their passengers and be ready to pick up the next passenger. 

Move to a New Location

If you ordered an Uber from a remote location, you might not be able to find a car. You can try to change your pick-up location on the app to a nearby road where cars pass regularly. If you find a car in the new location, you will take a short walk to the road to meet with the Uber driver. 

Find an Alternative

If you’ve tried the two methods above without success, you should try an alternative. There are other ride-hailing apps you can try if Uber proves unsuccessful. You can also use public transport if all else fails. 

Final Words

Now that you know the things that cause Uber to say no cars are available, you can be better prepared if it happens to you in the future. With better preparation and a plan B at hand, you’ll never be left stranded during rush hour or heavy rainfall.

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