Why Does Your Laptop Die So Fast?

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Do you work with a laptop that seems to be dying fast? Today is your lucky day to find a fix. 

Quick Answer

If you’re experiencing constant battery failure, your laptop will die quickly. Aside from battery failure issues, certain factors like the impact of heat, screen brightness, software-related matters, and overall heavy usage can take a toll on your laptop battery.

A common issue with laptops is a draining battery. If you’re experiencing this issue, know that you’re not alone. Hence, we’ve decided to show you why your laptop tends to die so fast in this guide. In addition, we’ve proffered effective ways to fix the issue to prevent reoccurrence.  

The Problem of Your Laptop Dying So Fast 

It’s a problem when you notice that your laptop is dying fast. This problem may be caused by heat, heavy usage, and software-related issues. Of all these factors, the primary culprit here is a constantly draining battery. So, the likely question is, “Why is my laptop battery draining fast?” Well, we’ve provided answers in the next section.

There are two (2) sections; the first section will analyze the causes of the problem, while the second section will provide the best ways to fix the problem. So, keep reading the guide. 

The Main Reasons Why Your Laptop Dies So Fast

Your laptop can die very fast for different reasons. So, we’ve decided to highlight the major ones. You can quickly note these factors if you’re attentive, but let’s look at them in detail. 

Here’s a breakdown of the primary reasons why your laptop dies fast.

  • If you’re using an old laptop battery, it will discharge faster and run out quickly.
  • Leaving wireless network adapters on at all times can make your laptop die fast.
  • Turning screen brightness to the maximum level can make your laptop die fast. 
  • Your laptop may die fast if you run heavy applications and web browsers
  • The heat generated when the cooling fan stops working can cause this issue.
  • The impact of external devices connected to the USB ports of your laptop. 
  • The laptop backlight function causes this issue as it consumes battery power. 
  • Software programs installed on your laptop may cause the laptop to die fast.  

Identifying these issues will give you insights into how to address the problem.  


Your laptop battery is an essential part of your laptop; learn to charge it appropriately. Do not short circuit the battery power for any reason, and do not keep the laptop connected when the battery is fully charged.

It’s very beneficial to care for your laptop battery, no matter your brand. 

How To Fix the Problem of Your Laptop Dying So Fast

There are several ways to fix the problem of your laptop dying fast. Before we point them out, monitoring how you use your laptop daily is essential. Some activities can take a toll on the laptop, draining the battery faster than usual, which is why your laptop dies fast. 

Here’s a breakdown of ways to fix the problem of your laptop dying fast.

  • You will have to replace the old battery by buying a new one.
  • Make sure you turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when they are not needed.
  • Reduce the brightness level of the display screen when using your laptop. 
  • Your laptop will not die fast if you monitor background apps and browsers
  • Change the faulty cooling fan to ensure your laptop doesn’t generate heat. 
  • Disconnect external devices that are connected to the laptop if not needed.
  • You can turn off the keyboard backlight if you have sufficient lighting. 
  • Identify the software programs draining your laptop battery and uninstall them.
  • Configure your laptop power settings to save power during inactivity periods.  

Applying these fixes will preserve your laptop battery and extend its life.  


If your laptop is draining fast, it might result from an old or malfunctioning battery, and you should consider replacing the battery. For other issues, you can consult a specialist.


If you own a laptop, one of the most significant issues that can give you sleepless nights is to have it dying so fast. Laptops are meant to last for 6-8 hours while in use. So, when you notice your laptop is dying within a few hours, you must find ways to address the problem. 

The last thing you want to worry about as you carry out your daily tasks is a laptop that dies so fast. If your laptop battery keeps draining quickly, it will affect your efficiency and productivity. 

This guide will show you how you can put an end to this problem. We’ve identified the causes of the problem and how to fix them. Apply the fixes, and you’ll enjoy your laptop without this issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What drains my laptop battery the most?

When the display screen is too bright, your laptop battery will likely drain faster than usual. Also, leaving wireless adapters on will drain your battery faster as they scan for networks. 

What reduces the health of my laptop battery?

The health of your laptop will reduce if you’re fond of keeping the charging cable connected to your laptop at all times. The battery health may also decrease if you’re fond of connecting the charging cable when your battery is critically low. Avoid these things to preserve battery health. 

Why is my laptop not charging when I connect it to a power source?

Your laptop may not charge when connected to a power source for different reasons. It could be caused by a spoilt power cord or a damaged charging circuit. Consult a technician to fix it. 

What causes laptop battery damage?

Your laptop’s battery can get damaged due to usage, age, and heat. These factors can affect your laptop battery, which will start dying slowly. A damaged battery will make your laptop die fast if you don’t change it.

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