Why Is iPhone So Popular?


Since the iPhone’s debut in the industry in 2007, its popularity has only soared higher. In the first four years, Apple recorded selling over 100 million units. And as of 2018, this record skyrocketed to 2.2 billion. Even though several phones can do everything an iPhone can do or even more and cost less, people prefer to buy an iPhone. So, why is the iPhone so popular? 

Quick Answer

Apple’s brilliant marketing strategy is one of the main reasons iPhones are so popular. The truth is that when you buy an iPhone, you aren’t merely buying a phone but a status. Additionally, Apple designed the iPhone with several desirable features that make it stand out. 

To many people, Apple products, including the iPhone, are overpriced. But if they were to do more digging, they would realize that otherwise is the case. The configuration of iPhones shows the build quality, internal parts, software integration, and other things are much higher than on most smartphones. Let’s take a deeper dive into the reasons people buy an iPhone.  

Reasons People Buy iPhones

Arguably, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. You must have either owned an iPhone or heard about it at one point or the other. Every user who has owned or owns an iPhone has different reasons why they do. Below, we elaborate on why people choose the iPhone over other smartphones. 

Reason #1: Design 

One of the main reasons people love the iPhone is its sleek design. The packaging of any product is the first thing that lures people to buy or not buy. As for iPhones, Apple has consistently been delivering designs that many people love. At the time of release, the iPhone had a significantly different design from other smartphones.  

Reason #2: Power 

Another reason iPhones are so popular is because of the quality of their components. The processor, storage, and display of iPhones are always top-of-the-line. Unlike some smartphones, iPhones run on high-end hardware, which is why it is capable of multitasking and seamless operation. The display of iPhones, like the retina display, is so fine that its pixel is not visible at average viewing distance, which creates an impressively sharp picture

Reason #3: Multimedia Feature 

The multimedia features of the iPhone are one of the reasons it is so popular. The audio and video quality on the iPhones are top-notch. Particularly, the camera of iPhones is so well-engineered that some professional photographers prefer to use an iPhone to take pictures or videos in some of their projects rather than a digital camera. 

Reason #4: App Store 

The App Store of the iPhone is another reason the iPhone quickly grew in popularity. The iPhone was the first smartphone to integrate the software with the device so its users could understand. Even though other smartphones could install and run programs long before the release of the iPhone, they were still able to overtake this industry. Today, the App Store offers over two million apps

Reason #5: Easy To Use 

Another advantage the iPhone has over other smartphones is that they are relatively easy to use. There is a learning curve even for some experienced tech users with Android devices. But with iPhones, the operating system is simple and intuitive, and their model has stayed more or less the same since 2007. However, even though their basic setup has remained the same doesn’t mean Apple isn’t making improvements. 

Reason #6: Apple’s Ecosystem  

In recent years, there has been a range of Apple products. Apple started by making computers, then added music players, smartphones and tablets, smartwatches, and other products we see today. But one thing about Apple products is that they all work seamlessly together. You don’t have to download or install a separate application to link Apple products. By signing the devices with the same Apple ID, your photos, notes, emails, calendar, and so on will be shared with all the devices. 

Reason #7: Better Support 

Irrespective of how well a system is designed, there would be times it would run into troubles. Hence, having a reliable support team to assist customers during these times is one of Apple’s strategies to grow its popularity. Apple has a great customer service line and a specialist at every store where you can work to get help from an expert that has access to the corporate headquarters. 

Reason #8: Better Security

Regarding security, Apple is one of the most secure in the industry. Apple’s iPhone encryption is so advanced that even the FBI can’t crack iPhone security. In addition to this, it is more difficult for an iPhone to be infected with malware. This is because Apple is cautious in selecting app developers for the so-called Apple ecosystem. So, getting an app that contains malware into the App Store is practically impossible. 

Reason #9: Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is another reason iPhones are so popular. Apple Pay is a payment service from Apple that makes it easy to make payments online without using your card. And the best part about Apple Pay is that it works the same way a contactless debit or credit card works, by placing your phone by the card reader. 

Reason #10: Family Sharing 

Another feature of iPhones that makes them so popular is family sharing. What this feature does is that it makes it easy for a family to share, for example, music, purchased apps, film, and even a photo album. This feature also makes it easy for guardians to better watch over kids by protecting them from downloading paid or inappropriate apps. 

Did You Know?

Out of all Apple products, the iPhone is by far the best-selling product by a significant margin.


Most of the time, Apple uses expensive materials and parts to build its products, including iPhones. This explains why iPhones are more expensive than most smartphones and are also popular. However, this is not to say that Apple iPhones are superior to other smartphones. Other smartphones may perform better than the iPhone in your particular need. So, it all depends on your needs. 

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