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Why Is My Alexa Yellow?

Alexa Unit

If you notice a yellow light blinking or spinning on your Alexa, you might be intrigued but not think much of it. After all, the Alexa is still working just fine. But after a while, if the yellow light hasn’t gone away, you might start getting more annoyed at it. Why is it there in the first place? We have the answer.

Quick Answer

Alexas will display yellow lights for a couple of different reasons. Usually, a yellow light simply means that you have an unread message or notification that you need to look at. If the light is spinning instead of blinking, it means that your Alexa is trying to connect to a WiFi network.

The rest of this article will help you learn more about what these yellow lights mean and how to get rid of them. Let’s get started!

How Do I Make My Alexa Stop Being Yellow?

There are a couple of different things you can do that will make the yellow lights disappear. The easiest is to ask Alexa to read your messages or notifications, but you could also go in and change the notification settings. The problem might also have to do with the WiFi, in which case, the solution would be different. 

Here are the different ways to fix a yellow light on your Alexa:

Ask Alexa To Read Messages Or Notifications

This is going to be the best method to get rid of the blinking yellow light. Just say out loud, “Alexa, read me my new messages”. If you have any new messages that haven’t been read, Alexa will say them to you, and the yellow light should disappear.

If you don’t have any new messages, you may have some Amazon notifications that need to be read. These notifications will usually be about the shipping status of packages you ordered on Amazon. Since they are new, the yellow light is just telling you that you need to read them.

In this case, all you have to say is, “Alexa, read my new notifications”, and hopefully, the yellow light will go away after this. Just be aware that asking Alexa to read your notifications out loud probably means that she will say the names of the items you bought, so if they are supposed to be secret, you should make sure nobody else is around to hear.

You can also check your notifications on your Amazon Alexa App, and the light should disappear afterward. This is a good alternative if you don’t want anyone to hear what you bought!

Turn Off The Yellow Ring Notifications

Telling Alexa to read you your notifications is a great way to fix the yellow light temporarily, but it will come back in the future when you have more notifications. If you want to avoid this, there is a way to fix it that doesn’t take too much effort. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to the Alexa App.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Notifications”.
  4. Go to “Amazon Shopping”.
  5. Turn off the yellow ring notification.
  6. Turn off any other notifications having to do with items getting shipped.

Once you do this, your Alexa should stop giving you that flashing yellow light because you’ve made it clear that you don’t want any notifications. 

Check Your WiFi Connection

Sometimes, it’s not the notifications or messages that are a problem. If your Alexa is searching for a WiFi network, it will have a circling yellow light instead of a blinking one. This should be easy to fix.

You have to go to your Alexa App and check the WiFi network. Sometimes, it will prompt you to re-enter the network password. If this is the case, just enter the password, and hopefully, it will be able to connect, and the yellow light will go away.

You can also try reconnecting to your WiFi network altogether. Hopefully, this will work, and your Alexa will stop displaying the spinning yellow light.

Is It Bad For My Alexa To Be Yellow?

It’s not bad for your Alexa to be yellow. If it’s indicating that you’re not connected to WiFi, it will probably make it harder to use your Alexa since it won’t be connected to a network. But since it’s an easy fix, it’s not bad that your Alexa is displaying a spinning yellow light.

Furthermore, if your Alexa is just flashing to let you know that you have a notification or message, this is not bad. It doesn’t indicate anything wrong with your Alexa or Amazon account. The blinking yellow light means that your Alexa is working great because it’s doing exactly what it should: Notifying you that you have an unread message or notification.

The worst thing that will come out of your Alexa being yellow is that it might be annoying to see. But the light doesn’t signify that anything is wrong, and it’s straightforward to fix, so there’s nothing inherently bad about it.

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