Why Is My Android Phone Glitching?

Why Is My Android Phone Glitching

Android phones have come a long way to become a vital component of our lives, and they have become much more powerful and can now handle many of our daily tasks. However, no technology’s ever perfect, and many people face phone issues due to many factors. Are you experiencing glitching on your Android smartphone too?

Quick Answer

A glitch can be any malfunction, such as screen flickering or flashing on your phone. It can be caused by either some software or hardware problems. It can also be caused if your smartphone model is too old to handle those resource-hungry applications.

You can resolve most software and even hardware issues, but your options are limited if you have a redundant Android phone. You better consider purchasing a new device. 

Follow our guide below to know why your Android smartphone is glitching and how to fix them.

Software Issues

Software-related issues are one of the most apparent reasons for a glitchy Android phone. Let’s talk about the major ones here.

Android OS Updates

Many people claim to experience glitches and app crashes when they update their phones to the latest Android version. Usually, the minor patch updates cause these problems because they contain some experimental features which are not perfectly implemented.

Solution: Never update your phone to the latest version as soon as the update is available. Wait for some users and developers to install and test-run the version, then act according to their reviews.

Auto-Brightness Setting

The light sensors in some smartphones cannot detect changes in ambient light levels properly and cause abnormal screen flickering. Some phone screens also flicker at lower brightness levels. 

Solution: Turning the auto-brightness feature off and manually adjusting your screen brightness can fix this issue.

Intensive Applications

Some apps demand too much processing power and storage space and can overheat your smartphone, driving your screen pixels crazy. Running such apps for more extended periods may cause app crashes.

Solution: Never download those graphics-intensive apps that your smartphone cannot run properly. Also, uninstall, freeze, or disable unused apps to free as much storage space as possible.

Malicious Softwares

Android OS gives users much functional freedom, and developers have minimal restrictions and can develop malicious software that can harm your phone. People also download APK and media files from fishy websites that can install unknown viruses or malicious software on your Android device.

Solution: Always try to download any content from official and trustworthy websites.

Android Skins

Android smartphone manufacturers apply their software skins on top of Google’s version. The pure Android form is well optimized. However, this skinning makes these operating systems bloated and heavy, which causes software issues.

Solution: Generally, some smartphone manufacturers’ skins like Samsung and OnePlus are better optimized with minimal bugs and glitches. Always buy smartphones from these brands if smooth performance is your top priority.

Hardware Issues

Your smartphone has many delicate hardware components that can cause many glitches if they are not in an optimal state.

Physical Damage

If your phone has some water damage or a broken screen due to frequent drops, it may cause glitches and malfunctions. There can also be internal damage on your smartphone causing these problems.

Solution: Protect your phone from dropping and chipping using a quality smartphone case. Avoid using your phone in rain or underwater, even if it is water and dust-resistant.

Underpowered Processor

Not all Android phones come with powerful processors, as some are centered on other features like camera quality. Typically, a smartphone processor has two main components: GPU and CPU

If your phone has a low-end processor, its GPU isn’t capable of running graphics-intensive games and power-hungry apps. Nowadays, even the daily usage apps have become high resource-consuming. 

Solution: Know your smartphone processor. Don’t put extra pressure on it to avoid app crashes and screen flickers. If you want more power and fewer glitches, look for smartphones that feature powerful or gaming processors.

Faulty Screen Panel

The connections inside your screen may become loose and cause errors due to sudden drops or faulty manufacturing processes. Some phones feature AMOLED panels that may face screen burn-ins when used for long.

Solution: If you suspect any faulty screen panel, head over to your nearest repair shop or directly contact your smartphone manufacturer and get your phone repaired.

External Accessories

In many instances, some external accessories like earplugs (primarily wireless), screen protectors, and smartwatches create a glitch in your smartphone matrix! Any external accessory that uses your phone’s Bluetooth can cause these issues.

Solution: Always use high-quality accessories with your smartphones. If your screen protector has taken a lot of damage or scratches, it may cause accidental touches or not register some touches, so replacing it is the right option.

Some Quick Tips

Here are some quick fixes for your glitching smartphone that have worked for many users. At least give them a try, and maybe your problem would solve without any hassle.

  • Simply restarting your phone can sometimes fix a lot of issues.
  • Try not to keep an Android phone for more than 3 or 4 years. Technology is advancing rapidly, and most Androids will stop getting any updates before this period.
  • If the problem persists, make a backup of your data and perform a factory reset on your device. It will be like a new device, just taken out of its box.
  • Don’t let your smartphone heat up a lot. Excessive heat is the mother of all problems in a phone.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the most common reasons your smartphone is glitching or having some issues. Smartphone technology has become very advanced, and every time a new feature comes out, it also introduces a new bug or glitch.

However, if you use your device with care, many of these problems can be avoided, whether software-related or hardware-related. After reading this article, we hope that you have found the reason for your phone’s malfunctioning, and we hope you’ll also work on the solution provided above to solve the issue.

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