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Why Is My Apple TV Zoomed In?

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Over the years, Apple has released several versions of the Apple TV, each with advanced features and capabilities. The zoom capability is a feature on Apple TVs that comes in handy not only for people with visual impairment but everyone. Apple designed this feature to make it easy to navigate in and out of it; however, some users have reportedly complained that their Apple TV gets stuck in zoom-in mode. So, why would an Apple TV be stuck in zoom-in mode? 

Quick Answer

If your Apple TV is zoomed in, someone most likely set it so. However, you can easily remove it or adjust the zoom level with the touch surface of your Siri remote. Also, your screen’s calibration can be why your Apple TV appears cropped or zoomed in. 

Understandably, the zoomed-in problem with Apple TV takes away the pleasure of your viewing experience. Not being able to make out a full picture of a video or image on your screen while using the Apple TV because of the zoomed-in problem can be frustrating.

Luckily you can easily adjust the zoom feature on an Apple TV. This article elaborates on adjusting and navigating your way around a zoomed-in Apple TV. 

How To Fix a Zoomed In Apple TV

The Apple TV is a great streaming device with many features to give you maximum entertainment. But an Apple TV tends to lock into a video and would refuse to zoom out. Undoubtedly, this experience is quite frustrating and can ruin your viewing experience.

While the reason your Apple TV is locked in the zoom-in mode is quite vague, there are a few tricks you can use to get out of this mode or adjust it to suit your liking. Below we elaborate on four tips you can use to solve this issue. 

Tip #1: Use the Siri Remote 

Every Apple TV works with a Siri remote that comes with it when you buy it. The Siri remote is quite useful for operating and adjusting your Apple TV. Without the remote, there are minimal things you can do with your Apple TV by itself. So, if you do not have access to a Siri remote, you can easily purchase one from the Apple Store

When you encounter the issue of your Apple TV being zoomed in, you can easily use the Siri remote to exit it. To use the Siri remote to leave zoomed mode or go back to the normal screen, press the center of the keypad if you’re using a second-generation Siri remote or the touch surface if you’re using the first-generation Siri remote three times. By doing this, your Apple TV screen will return to normal or zoom out. 

Tip #2: Turn Off the Zoom Feature 

Another way to exit the zoom mode on your Apple TV is to go to Settings on your Apple TV and then turn off the zoom feature. However, it is worth noting that your Apple TV wouldn’t be able to zoom in or out on anything when you disable this feature. 

To disable the zoom feature, press the TV button on your Siri remote and tap the Settings app on your Apple TV. In the Settings app, scroll to “General” and select it. Navigate and select “Accessibility”. And in the “Accessibility” option, scroll down to the “Zoom” option and toggle the switch off. 

Alternatively, to save yourself the hassle of navigating the Settings app, you can set up an accessibility shortcut to quickly turn on and off the zoom feature whenever you desire. To set up accessibility shortcuts, navigate to the Settings app again, tap “Accessibility”, and then select “Accessibility Shortcuts. From the list of options, choose “Zoom”, and that’s it. 

Tip #3: Restart Your Apple TV 

If, after trying both methods, the problem persists, then it could be that there’s a problem with your Apple TV or your TV itself. In this case, it is advisable to reboot your Apple TV and TV to fix the problem. But before doing that, check your Apple TV resolution settings and ensure it is set to a level supported by your TV. If that is correct, then proceed to restart your Apple TV. 

To restart your Apple TV, press and hold the Home and Menu buttons for 8 seconds or until you see flashes. When this happens, allow it to reboot, and when it powers on, it should fix the problem and any other issues you might be having on your Apple TV. You can also try updating your Apple TV’s firmware if an update is available. This will help fix the issue or any other Apple TV bug. 

Quick Tip

If you set the zoom-in option, but it seems too zoomed in, you can press the click pad or tap the touch surface and drag it down or up to adjust the magnification.


If the video or picture on your Apple TV is zoomed in, you can adjust it to get the most out of your viewing experience. Apple included this feature for a reason, and it doesn’t mean you are stuck with it. So, if you accidentally activated the zoom option, use the tips in this article to exit it and enjoy your viewing experience. 

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