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Why Is My Apple Watch Upside Down?

Apple Watch

It stuns many Apple Watch users when they see their watch screen upside down for the first time. They certainly feel that their watch has a fault unknown to them. However, a defect is not usually the cause of an upside-down Apple Watch.

Quick Answer

An Apple Watch is upside down because you placed it in the wrong hand or wrist. Another suspicion of an upside-down Apple Watch is improper watch settings in your Apple Watch.

This article will explain how these two factors make your Apple Watch upside down. It will also cover other aspects that can make your Apple Watch upside down. Also, you will learn ways to fix an Apple Watch that is upside down.

Why Is My Apple Watch Upside Down?

An incorrect wrist placement and a wrong Setting in your Apple Watch are the significant reasons your Apple Watch is upside down.

The information below explains why these two factors turn your Apple Watch upside down.

Reason #1: Incorrect Wrist Placement

By trademark, Apple designed their Watch to be placed on the right hand. The reason it is only intended for the right hand is unknown. However, it could be due to the large population of many right-handed users.

If you place your Apple Watch on your right hand, it will orient itself properly, and the display will be upright.

However, if you put it on your left hand, it will change the position of the Digital Crown. As a result, your watch screen display will rotate and assume an upside-down role.

Reason #2: Wrong Watch Orientation Settings

Because Apple Inc. knows that not all users of the Apple Watch are right-handed, they have also made it possible for left-handers to use their watch. Hence, the Apple Watch is bilateral, meaning that you can use it on either hand.

This two-sided ability of the Apple Watch can be fixed in the Apple Watch Settings. By default, the Apple Watch orientation is set to the right hand.

Hence, wearing an Apple Watch on your left hand when the orientation settings are set to the right will make it appear upside down. Similarly, wearing an Apple Watch on your right hand when the orientation settings are set as left will make it appear upside down.

How To Fix an Upside-Down Apple Watch

To fix an Apple Watch that is upside down, you should place your watch on the hand that corresponds to that on your watch’s Settings.

Below, you will see the different ways to fix an upside-down Apple Watch.

Fix #1: Place Your Apple Watch on the Other Hand

Take off your watch and place it on the other hand if it appears in the upside orientation Settings of your Apple Watch.

Image 110

Fix #2: Change the Orientation Settings

If you don’t want to put your Apple Watch on, on the other hand, you can change the settings to align with your hand.

Here is how to change the Apple Watch orientation settings using your Apple Watch.

  1. Press the “Digital Crown.
  2. Click Settings > “General” > “Orientation”.
  3. Choose either the left or right wrist.
Image 111

Fix #3: Change Your Apple Watch Face Photo

Your Apple Watch face photo can become accustomed to the hand and sets of your Apple Watch.

Hence, if your Apple Watch fails to return to an upright position, you should change your watch face.

Fix #4: Switch Off and Restart Your Apple Watch and iPhone

At times, performing the above fix methods may not work. It will help if you restart your iPhone and Apple Watch to clear old logs. This action will affect the new settings and let your iPhone synchronize smoothly with your Apple Watch.

To restart your Apple Watch, simultaneously press the side button and Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds. Press the two buttons until the Apple logo comes up.

To restart your iPhone 8+ or models earlier, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. It would help if you pressed the buttons until the power off slider appeared.

To restart your iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13 hold any volume buttons and the side button for about 5 seconds. After that, you will see the power-off slider appear.

Fix #5: Update Your Apple Watch

There is a chance that your Apple Watch could misbehave when the watchOS is outdated. Updating your Apple Watch operating system fixes bugs and improves the watch function.

If you get an update saying that your Apple Watch is out of date, you should update it. Also, you may need to update your Apple Watch if you recently updated your iPhone.

Here is how to update your watchOS manually on your Apple Watch.

  1. Connect your watch to Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Settings app of your Apple Watch.
  3. Click “General” > “Software Update”. You will see the “Install” button if a software update is available.
  4. Click the “Install” button and follow the instructions that proceed with it.


It shouldn’t be a surprise when your Apple Watch is upside down. It could only mean that you placed your watch in the wrong hand. To get your Apple Watch back to its upright position, you should attempt to put it in the opposite hands. Otherwise, you can change your Apple Watch Settings, restart your watch, or update your watchOS.

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