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Why Is My Asus Laptop So Slow?

Asus Laptop

ASUS manufactures some of the best laptops in the world. They have laptops for different purposes, such as gaming and work. However, their laptops are pretty solid, but they still have some issues. For instance, many users complain about the slow speed of their laptops. If you’re in the same boat and are wondering why your ASUS laptop is so slow, continue reading below as we will explain everything you need to know about this issue.

Quick Answer

The biggest reason why your ASUS laptop is slow is low disk space. If your laptop’s store is all filled up, it can cause the system to run slow. Furthermore, viruses and malware can also cause your laptop to slow down.

Laptops are your best friend when it comes to portability. Thanks to them, you can work from anywhere. Numerous companies manufacture laptops, and ASUS is one of them. They are well known for producing high-quality laptops meant for both gaming and work. 

What Can Cause Your ASUS Laptop To Slow Down?

There are times when ASUS laptops stop working like they used to. Some users often complain about their laptop’s speed becoming slow, preventing them from working correctly. However, these users don’t realize that the issue is not caused by the laptop itself but by how they use it. Today, we will discuss why your ASUS laptop is so slow and how you can fix it. 

Your Laptop’s Storage Is Full

Many laptop users don’t know this, but your device can stop working properly if its storage is full. A full storage speed affects many things, including your laptop’s speed. Therefore, you know what to do if your laptop is slow and its storage is full—delete everything unwanted from your device.

 Sometimes, we end up downloading video games we don’t want to play anymore or movies we can’t watch cause of our busy schedules. Such stuff is only a burden on your laptop’s storage, so it’s best to delete it quickly. After you clear up some storage, you will notice that your laptop will become quicker. 

Virus and Malware Issues

There are times when viruses can make their way into your laptop in different ways. This is mainly caused by software that we download from unreliable sites. The worst part is that the viruses are often hidden deep inside our laptops, so we cannot detect them. And before you know it, they start causing multiple issues, including slowing your laptop.

To prevent this from happening, you must perform a full laptop scan. Thankfully, Windows has its own anti-virus that works like a charm. You can access it by typing “Windows Security” in the Windows search bar and clicking the first option appearing in the results. Then, you need to click “Virus & Threat Protection” and perform a full scan of your laptop. If there are any viruses on your laptop, the Windows Defender will remove them. 

Dirty Laptop Fan

Every laptop comes packed with different fans to keep the system cool. They take the hot air from the laptop’s components and throw it outside. However, these fans can become dirty after a few months or years of use and stop cooling the laptop properly. 

If the laptop fans are not working properly, your laptop will start overheating. And for those who don’t know, overheating issues can cause the laptop to perform slowly. In this case, you need to open the laptop and clean its fans. If you are afraid you might damage them, you can always take them to a laptop shop as they will be happy to clean them for you at a small cost.


It will become slow if you try to make your laptop handle more than one task simultaneously. However, this depends on the amount of RAM your laptop has. If it’s 16 GB or above, you should be fine. However, anything lower than this will prevent you from doing multiple tasks simultaneously. In this case, you need to upgrade your RAM to at least 16 GB. 


This was all about why your ASUS laptop is slow. As you can see, multiple factors contribute to your laptop’s speed, but you can also fix the issue quickly. But if you have tried everything and your laptop’s speed is still slow, it will be wise to take it to a repair shop so that experts can look at it. Sometimes, a technical issue causes the problem, which an expert can only fix. But in most cases, you will be able to make the problem go away yourself. 

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