Why Is My iPhone’s Home Button Stuck?


Perhaps you bought your dream iPhone, and you are happy with it. But unfortunately, you realize its home button isn’t responding anymore. Not sure of what to do, you are left pondering, “Why is my iPhone’s home button stuck?”

Remember, you will need to press the home button every time using your phone. Therefore, your question remains relevant until you find a solution for it. Otherwise, you can no longer use that favorite phone of yours. What a disappointment!

But worry no more. We want you to continue enjoying using your phone comfortably. So, this article will highlight the most likely reason your iPhone’s home button is stuck. In addition, we will match every cause with a sure-fire solution. But first, let’s explain what the home button is and why you need it every time you are using your device. 

What Is the Home Button and Why Is It Important?

In simple words, the home button is either physical or soft hardware at the bottom of the phone’s screen that is useful to navigate various device operations. Indeed anyone who has had a minute using iPhones can testify how important is the home button to the device.

For instance, the primary function of the home button is to power the phone off and on. It is also helpful in other operations such as touch ID, access Siri, access notification center, launch camera, and controlling music apps. Moreover, the button is useful for multitasking, accessibility controls, and reachability, a common feature of the iPhone 6 series. 

As you can see, when your home button is stuck, you will almost not be operating your phone—so you need to identify why the button is stuck and find the best solution. But let’s begin with the causes.

Causes of Stuck Home Button

There are three potential causes for the stuck home button.

Debris and Particulate Matter

Dust and dirt are the first suspects when your iPhone home button is stuck. In particular, if you are in a dusty area. 

The dust or dirt particles clog the home button. As a result, there will be no space for the button to press in and out. Thus, the button remains stagnant due to the dust particles.

Hardware Damage

As usual, all phones are delicate, and they easily break when you drop them. As a result, some parts, such as the home button, can get hurt, thus causing it to get stuck.

So, when you find your home button stuck, think and recall where you accidentally dropped the phone. Of course, if you don’t remember falling your phone down, this may not be the cause. But there is a third probable reason why the home button is stuck. 

Outdated Software

If hardware is not why the home button is stuck, it’s software. Remember, iOS is responsible for powering the iPhones. It helps in operating various control softwares, including the home button. 

Therefore when the iOS is outdated, the software won’t function. Consequently, the home button gets stuck and unresponsive as it is among the software controlled by the iOS.

However, there are several ways you can use to fix the home button regardless of the cause. So let’s proceed and highlight five of those ways.

What To Do if iPhone Home Button Is Stuck

Clean and Press the Home Button Several Times

You need to clean the home button and remove dust particles. For this approach, you need a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. 

Dampen the cotton swab with the alcohol. Next, wipe the home button using the cotton as you continuously press it several times. After a few minutes, the dust particles will disintegrate, and the button will be free. 

You can also blow compressed air to remove the dust particles.

Twist and Spin the Home Button

This approach sounds awkward, but it can help fix the stuck home button. Usually, the method is beneficial when the home button gets stuck after dropping your phone down. 

First, remove your phone from its case and lay it on a flat surface on its back. After that, hold the home button firmly. Now spin the phone in clockwise motion several times. As a result, the button loosens if it was dislocated after the fall.

Update iOS

As we stated earlier, an outdated iOS can lead to the home button being stuck. Hence you need to update iOS to fix the button.

To update the iOS, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Settings” and open “General.”
  2. Click on “Software Update” to confirm if there is any.
  3. If any, connect your phone to stable WiFi.
  4. Download the updates of the iOS.

After downloading the iOS update, your phone automatically reboots. After that, press the home button to confirm it is now functioning. Of course, it should work if it was stuck due to outdated iOS. 

Restore the iPhone

Low storage can cause the home button to be stuck. When the RAM is insufficient, the processing speed goes down. Thus the home button may hug and stay unresponsive after several attempts to press it.

It would help if you restored your phone to free up some space. 

First, you need to back up all your essential data with iTunes. After that, follow these steps to restore the mobile:

  1. Use an Apple-approved cable to connect your iPhone to a PC or laptop.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Locate your phone from the left side of the screen and click to open.
  4. Find the “Summary” tab and click it.
  5. A new menu opens. Locate “Restore iPhone.” Click on it to restore the phone.

Do not disconnect your phone until the restoration process is complete. Otherwise, the restoration will be incomplete and could harm the system of your iPhone.

Use Assistive Touch

Suppose all the above methods fail to work. In that case, you can still use your phone until you have the funds to buy a new one. Hence the need to launch the Assistive Touch feature.

Here is how to enable the Assistive Touch to use as an alternative for the stuck home button:

  1. Go to “Settings” and then “General.”
  2. Click to open “Accessibility.”
  3. Toggle open the “Assistive Touch” button.

The button appears at the bottom of the screen, where you can use it to perform the functions of the home button.


Now you know why your iPhone home button is stuck. Be it due to debris, hardware damage, or expired software, the methods of fixing the stuck home button are straightforward. 

You can fix the button by using a cotton swab dampened in special alcohol, twisting the button, updating the iOS, or restoring the phone. However, if all the methods fail, you can launch the Assistive Touch feature and use it as an alternative for the home button. 

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