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Why Is My Laptop Fan Running?

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Laptop fans are there to keep the gadget cool, and they function through a normal running setup. However, if your laptop fan is suddenly noisy, that may be a call for help. In addition, it will not only disrupt your work but also spoil the system within your laptop. But why does that happen?

Quick Answer

It is either because the laptop is overworking like you or sitting within a humid environment. Have we caught you red-handed? Don’t worry; there is a quick and easy solution for every problem.

We have picked up the best solutions to fix your laptop fan from unusual running to save you from heating yourself. Moreover, by the end of this blog, you will know all the reasons why your laptop fan is running.

Laptop Fan Running All the Time

First and foremost, let’s tackle the question; is it bad for a laptop fan to run constantly? The answer is “yes”. There may be some underlying problem that may eventually lead the system to bid farewell to you. Hence, it needs a quick fix. 

You see, the processor (CPU) inside the system handles all the operations of the laptop. But when you multitask on the computer, it tends to heat up. Similarly, a graphics card (GPU) is responsible for displaying videos and pictures. And when you are spending hours on a game, the GPU can overheat

This is, of course, bad for the laptop hence the fans work to cool them down one by one. However, a fan stops running after cooling the components. But what if it doesn’t? What if it doesn’t stop after running? Yes, that is where the problem arises.

How To Stop the Laptop Fan From Running Constantly

Here, we have gathered a few easy fixes that you can try to stop your laptop fan from running. 

Method #1: Clean Your Laptop

Dust is one of the ignored yet main reasons a laptop overheats. Hence, it can indirectly keep the fan running and stress you about its possible causes. 

But with a small cleaning ritual for your laptop, you can fix this annoying problem. We know it sounds tiresome, but dust can also create other issues within the system. So, it is best to clean the laptop after every few weeks.

Another thing that needs cleaning is the air vents in your laptop. What happens is that these air vents often get blocked – either due to dust or with the food you keep putting near your screen. (We do the same).

Due to this, the heat does not find any way out and, in turn, overheats the laptop. Fortunately, you can blow away all the clogged inside these vents with a vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Simply unplug the laptop and turn it off
  2. Get a small-sized vacuum cleaner with an average power speed
  3. Find the vents and blow on them. 

You should do this every month to avoid trouble.

Method #2: Keep a Check on Your Processor’s Working

Laptops may also overheat if you use too many operations simultaneously. Sometimes, applications running in the background may also participate in this problem. How to keep a check, then?

Here is how:

  1. Click on CTRL + ALT + DELETE simultaneously.
  2. Choose “Task Manager”.
  3. Go to the CPU heading.
  4. Check out which programs are currently running and consuming the most from the processor.
  5. Right-click on the task and tap on “End Task”.

Don’t end the essential Windows operations. It may turn the Start Menu, Taskbar, and File Explorer windows useless. 

Method #3: Use Cooling Pads

A laptop fan may run continuously if the laptop is present in a humid environment. The fans are present at different angles of the laptop; some are at the bottom while others are at its sides. The bottom fans suffer the most in a hot atmosphere.

As a result, the laptop overheats and causes the fan to run non-stop. If you are in a similar situation, you can purchase a cooling pad. It is placed between the laptop and the surface and relieves the laptop’s heat. 

Method #4: Update Your Windows 

You might get irritated by seeing this heading. But it is another reason for a laptop fan to keep running. 

What happens is that any sane person keeps delaying the update until Windows does it automatically. But when this occurs, the applications are madly running in the background. It is either because they are installing or preparing for an installation.

All this goes on while you are using the laptop. Hence, the laptop may overheat due to this wild run of operations. And as a result, it may overheat.

A good practice is manually updating Windows. It is time-consuming and may frustrate you, but it is better than putting your laptop at risk.  


It is better to avoid multitasking on your laptop unless it is a high-grade gadget. However, if you feel like you will forget about the tasks, do them alternately. Or use ⅔ active tabs at a time. It is also best to remove and uninstall any unwanted or unused application as it takes up storage. 


Wrapping up, a laptop is quite precious to us for several reasons. Therefore, if you see something unusual, like its fan running constantly, it will stress you. Hence, you should always keep a check on your laptop, maintain it regularly, and use it wisely. And we hope our blog was of help to you in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is heating of laptop normal?

Yes, it is. However, if it starts to heat up too much, you need to check the underlying problem. It may be because you are multitasking or gaming on your laptop.  

How can I cool my laptop without the cooling pad?

You can use a small-sized vacuum cleaner to blow air on the air vents. This will cool down the laptop. 

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