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Why Is My Microphone So Quiet on Discord?


What is the fun of not being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to your audience? It is no fun at all. This often happens after a gamer gets new gaming gadgets; big screens, mics, and lighting. All your activities on Discord were going on smoothly until your audiences complained about your mic.

Some factors responsible for having a quiet mic or low audibility on Discord are:

  • Low device (mobile or PC) volume.
  • Outdated audio driver.
  • Using a low gain microphone.
  • Misappropriated Discord mic settings.

We will show you ways to fix why your mic on Discord in this guide. Ready for the deep dive? Let’s go!

How To Fix a Quiet Mic on Discord?

Here are four ways to fix a quiet microphone on Discord.

Method #1: Manually Adjust Your Mic Settings on Discord

Here’s what you need to do to adjust microphone settings on Discord:

  1. Go Discord Settings.
  2. Look for the Voice & Video configuration window.
  3. Adjust the “Input Volume” slider according to your needs.
Discord Voice &Amp; Video Settings

Method #2: Be in Proximity to Your Microphone.

Relaxing in your chair and whispering into the mic on your desk seems fun. But that might be why your mic is quiet.

Microphones capture sound waves and pressure signals coming from your voice. So shouting into a mic in proximity will amplify your voice. While speaking into a mic, afar off produces a softer voice.

So make sure you pull a chair and sit upright for your mic to capture your voice.

Method #3: Consider Using a Headset.

Headsets are super close to your mouth, and they do a great job of capturing your voice. Unlike handheld and stand-based microphones, headsets were designed for vocals. They also assure a better signal-to-noise ratio. Try using a headset and be open to feedback from your friends and community members.

Method #4: Prioritize a High-Gain Microphone

You have definitely been seeing “microphone gain” all over this post. I have decided to seal your knowledge from this guide with an understanding of what a microphone gain is and why you should prioritize getting a microphone with a high gain.

Microphone gain increases the amplitude of a microphone signal. In other words, a microphone with a high gain will accurately receive your sound signal and boost the signal output.


In this guide, we have considered some factors responsible for having a quiet mic or low audibility on the Discord app. We have also seen four proven ways to fix a low-volume microphone on Discord. As a reminder, if you notice your friends and community members complaining about your audibility. Try to use a microphone with a higher gain or reception. Also, manually adjust your mic volume on the Discord app. And get closer to your mic, or consider using a headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Realtek Mic So Quiet?

This could vary from low device volume to outdated drivers. We suggest you reinstall or update your audio driver by going to your PC Device Manager.

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