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Why Is My Mouse Stuttering?

Why Is My Mouse Stuttering

The cursor or mouse pointer moves across the screen whenever you move your mouse. However, the cursor or pointer sometimes moves contrary or erratically to your mouse movement. This spike in response time can impact your productivity negatively. But why is the mouse stuttering? 

Quick Answer

Several reasons can cause a mouse to stutter. Most of the time, a mouse stutter is often due to a mouse-related issue or a Windows settings problem. For example, your mouse could stutter due to driver issues, connectivity issues, misconfigured settings, low battery, and mouse damage, amongst other things. 

But the good news is that if your mouse is stuttering, you can fix it if you can diagnose the underlying cause. This article elaborates more on the causes of mouse stuttering. 

Reasons Your Mouse Stutters 

When you can determine the cause of a stuttering mouse, you will be able to find a way to fix it. In this section, we talk about six of the most common causes of a stuttering mouse. 

Reason #1: Outdated Mouse Drivers 

One major cause of mouse stuttering is when your mouse driver is outdated. If your mouse driver gets too old or corrupt, it can cause the mouse to stutter. The mouse driver on your PC is essential for allowing the mouse to interact with your computer. So, if the mouse driver gets corrupted, it affects how the mouse interacts with your computer. Hence, when your mouse starts to stutter, the first thing you want to check is if your mouse driver is outdated. You can fix this issue by removing and reinstalling the mouse driver on your PC and then rebooting your PC. 

Reason #2: Connectivity Issues 

Another reason your mouse may be stuttering is a connectivity issue. The wireless connection between your PC and mouse fluctuates, causing the stutter. If you are using a wireless mouse, you will most likely experience this issue. This is because the wireless connection is not always dependable and sometimes may fluctuate. 

To fix this issue, you must reboot the mouse and your PC. Another way around this challenge is switching from a wireless to a wired mouse. A wired mouse is more dependable because it is connected directly to the PC’s USB port. Although your mouse may also stutter with a wired connection, you can try another USB port in such a case. 

Reason #3: Damaged Mouse 

If your mouse is damaged, it can also cause the issue of stuttering. However, it depends on what is broken on your mouse. If the problem is from the sensor, you have no choice but to seek a replacement

Mouses are made of plastic parts; even though they are durable, they are still fragile. Hence, mishandling your mouse can damage it. If getting a mouse replacement is not an option, you should consider having the mouse repaired

Reason #4: Low Battery 

Another cause of your mouse might be stuttering could be because of a low battery. Wireless mice make use of a battery that could be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. If the battery is rechargeable, and you start to notice it stuttering, you should recharge it. However, if the mouse does not come with a rechargeable battery, you should have the battery replaced. 

Alternatively, you can switch from a wireless mouse to a wired mouse. A wired mouse does not use a battery, so you shouldn’t have any problem with recharging or changing the battery to use it. 

Reason #5: Misconfigured Settings 

It is also possible that your mouse is stuttering because of a misconfiguration in the settings. This can be anything from misconfiguring the audio or display of your PC such that it affects the mouse input. 

In this case, the solution is to reset your settings and reconfigure your mouse. All you have to do is navigate to the settings on your PC and clear all saved input devices. 

Reason #6: Uneven Surface 

Finally, it is also possible that the mouse pad or table you drag your mouse upon has a rough surface. It is worth noting that the sensor on your mouse does not function optimally on all surfaces, especially on uneven surfaces. So, the mouse has to be on a smooth solid surface to function properly. 

If the mouse pad is strangely shaped and has varying levels, it can cause the mouse cursor to misbehave. You can mitigate this challenge by replacing the mouse pad or using the mouse on a flat, even surface if you don’t have a mouse pad.

Keep in Mind

Touchpads also experience the same issues the mouse faces when stuttering. Mouse stuttering is a feature that affects all mouse-related input systems.


As you can see from this guide, if your mouse misbehaves, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to get it to function properly. So, getting a mouse replacement is not always the way forward. Always try to find a solution to any issue you may have on your PC before considering tossing your old component and replacing it with a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will wiping the mouse sensor fix stuttering? 

If your mouse is dirty, it can also be the reason it is stuttering in the first place. The probability of the mouse sensor getting dirty is relatively low because of the nature of the design of the mouse. But if the mouse sensor gets dirty, you should clean it carefully to fix the stuttering issue. When you want to clean your mouse’s sensor, use alcohol and a lint-free cloth instead of cotton material. 

Can a bad power adapter cause mouse stuttering? 

Using a bad power adapter or a power adapter not recommended for your PC can also cause mouse stuttering. Because the power adapter is not the recommended spec for your PC, it causes a lot of leaking power, which gets to other parts of your PC and causes additional problems. 

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