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Why Is My PS4 So Loud?

Sony Playstation Ps4

The PlayStation 4 is possibly the undisputed champion of today’s gaming consoles. With a large user-base worldwide, it is not hard to understand why this is so. 

The Sony platform is well-known for both its eccentric games and users.  However, the loud noise from the console is a common complaint among PlayStation 4 users, and it has the potential to ruin the experience for some people. 

Usually, the noise comes from the fan and is caused by dust buildup. Although this does not happen quickly, it usually takes a few months for the fan to become covered with dust.

Noise from PS4 fans makes it difficult to hear gameplay and impedes the player’s ability to focus. Your games will also lag and load much more slowly. If your PS4 has a disturbing noise, this article will show you some of the causes and how you can fix them. 

Reasons for Loud PS4

Here are some of the things that might be causing your PS4 to make a loud noise.

Reason #1: The Hard Drive 

The loud noise could be coming from your console’s hard disk when the platters spin in search of data. A compromised hard drive makes a lot of noise. 

Reason #2: Dust/ Dirt

Dust can also contribute to the clamoring noise from your PS4. It’s almost impossible to get past dust. Even if you clean the outside, dust from the air will get into the interior. More dirt in the PS4 console causes louder noise output. In this case, a dust cover will suffice. 

Reason #3: Fan

The PlayStation game console’s cooling fans are a major noise source. As the computer’s console, processor, and motherboard generate heat, the computer’s fans rotate.

A noisy cooling fan is clogged with dust, runs slowly, or is loose. The PS4 may be making a lot of noise, and it may not be cooling down as quickly as it should. Thus resulting in overheating that will cause it to shut down eventually. 

Reason #4: A Broken or Worn-Out PS4

Various PS4 components become inoperable as dirt, dust, and lint accumulate on the system over time. This causes the ineffective output of the hardware or software components. Dust buildups can severely impact fan motors and motherboards.

Over time, certain parts of a malfunctioning or outdated PS4 system will lose stability. Most of them will stop working after a period. Because of this, your PS4’s noise level will increase.

Reason #5: High-Quality Games 

It’s fun to play games with great graphics, but it strains your gadget. It’s possible that the CPU could overheat, and as a result, your PS4 fan will run nonstop. Because the fan is trying to cool the system, it speeds up and makes a lot of noise. 

How To Fix This Issue 

Here are some ways you can fix the loud noise issue on your PS4.

Method #1: Place Your Console in a Well-Ventilated Place

The first step is to place your console in a well-ventilated area. The fan in your PS4 comes on when the console generates more heat. The fans run at a higher pace to keep the gadget cool. As it speeds up, the noise levels go through the roof. 

Make sure that your ventilation system is working correctly. Keep in mind that the console’s cooling fans are on both sides and rear.

Method #2: Make Use of a Cooling Stand

Lifting the PS4’s cooling fan enhances airflow. Allow the fan to rest and relax beneath the console. You can raise your console with a stand, but a cooling frame is also an option.

Method #3: Fix Any System Flaws

Having a corrupted game database puts a lot of strain on the CPU. This explains why the hard drive begins to make noises. In addition, the CPU overheats. When games are installed incorrectly, the same issue happens, and things go downhill. When the CPU is under a lot of strain, it eventually burns out. Whenever your gadget gets overheated, the pressure builds up in the fan, making the noise so loud. Fixing glitches in the system is an option worth considering. If you cannot do this yourself, contact a professional

Method #4: Open It Up

You’ll need to develop a better solution if fixing the device’s problems and moving the PS4 to a better location don’t help. You may consider opening up the console and getting the noisy components fixed.


High noise levels have plagued console gaming since the game puts more demand on the CPU. If there is no better approach to the challenge, this will likely continue to be a problem in the next generation of consoles. 

Although the noise may be bothersome, this article shows several ways to fix it. It’s not difficult to devise a solution to the PS4’s excessive loudness. Depending on where the noise comes from, you may want to try one of the other solutions I’ve listed above, or talk to a professional if you can’t handle it yourself. 

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