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Why Is My Router Red?

Red Light On Router

Have you ever been disconnected while playing a video game? Or you are on an important business video call, and your internet disconnects? In such cases, most of us quickly walk to the router to check if everything is alright. And sometimes, we find ourselves looking at our router with a red light blinking.

Quick Answer

A router usually blinks red light when the internet signal is not coming from the internet service provider. It might be a more severe hardware issue, but in most cases, it’s just an Ethernet connection problem from the internet service provider’s side.

Internet is necessary in times such as the ones we live in. Every second, a ton of information is being uploaded onto the internet, which benefits many people and sometimes even saves lives. That is why internet connectivity mustn’t be affected in any way, so every person remains connected.

Read on to discover why your router is blinking red light and a possible troubleshooting guide!

How To Fix a Blinking Red Light on Your Router

Router manufacturers are using somewhat similar ways of providing troubleshooting support on the devices. In almost all cases, red blinking usually means some sort of hardware malfunction or an error caused by the ISP

Each manufacturer installs a somewhat different set of indicator lights on their modems, and the meanings of those lights’ colors vary from model to model. For example, most modem lights are typically green, while a red light denotes an issue or failure.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps you can follow to try and identify and resolve your problem.

Wait for the Router To Function Properly

Usually, in such situations, one of the best things to do is wait for the problem. Perhaps the firmware on your router is being updated in the background. You shouldn’t stop the procedure in that situation. In most cases, it doesn’t persist long, but if you observe that it does, start with the fundamental troubleshooting.

Restart Your Router

This is one of the easiest solutions you can try with your router. It is a simple process and will allow you to eliminate any firmware-related problems you might be facing.

Disconnect the power line from the outlet. Give the router some time without power. Then, re-insert the power cord into the wall socket. Wait until the router has finished booting before turning it on.

Examine the Connections

Many users often find that loose connections to their routers cause a red light. This is because the loose connections do not provide the router with complete data and power, which is why they cause the router to show a red light.

The router will also show a red light if one of the wires is not connected to the appropriate port. Unfortunately, this often occurs when upgrading a piece of your networking hardware. I advise setting up the old and new piece of equipment side by side, detaching one cable at a time, and reconnecting it to avoid this. By doing this, the likelihood of using the incorrect port is reduced.

You may gently tug each cable to see whether the connections are loose; if they are, you can quickly replace them by ensuring they are securely fastened. Make careful to examine both ends of each wire.

It would be best to inspect the wires for damage and unusual bending. Particularly vulnerable to harm are fiber wires. If you notice anything, try replacing the cable. Then, see if your router’s Internet indicator is still red.

Check for Insufficient Power 

Your router might also be blinking red light if it is not getting enough power from the power source it is connected with. This might be for many reasons, the most common being a malfunctioning power outlet.

I advise unplugging the power line from the power strip or surge protector and connecting it straight to a wall socket to rule this out as the root of the red light. Check whether the red light is still on after you switch on the router and it has fully booted up.

Check for a Power Outage

Another possible cause of your connection being down is a power or service outage. You can only wait patiently for your ISP to fix the problem in that situation. It’s possible that they are performing routine maintenance or that there are network issues.

Whatever the cause, you can quickly see if the outage is what’s making your router’s Internet signal red. If there is an outage in your location, you can ask your ISP. If there is an outage, you may log into your ISP account or app and get a message telling you of it and the anticipated finish time.

Finally, you may check whether other users are having problems with your ISP by visiting websites like DownDetector or IsTheServiceDown.

Examine if Your Router Is Malfunctioning

Whether the router is brand-new or has been in use for a while, it is always conceivable that your router is broken, in which case, nothing you do will work. In this situation, getting in touch with the router’s maker would be ideal.

A replacement may be available if your router is still covered under warranty. Hopefully, your issue with the red light should be resolved permanently with the new one. However, it is important to note that some ISPs provide the router, so try the next step if your service provider has provided you with it.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

You must contact your ISP assistance if you have attempted the methods I have mentioned above and the red light is still on. Give them as much information about your problem as possible.

You are not required to reveal the remedies you have already attempted. However, they can send an expert to your address if they are unsuccessful. They can test your line and attempt to assist you remotely. Hopefully, the expert will be able to resolve the issue for you.


Hopefully, following the steps above, you will be able to identify the problem with your router and pinpoint the cause of the router blinking red.

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