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Why is My Verizon Router Yellow?

Yellow Lights On A Router

We learn the importance of colors from a very young age. By the time they are ten years old, most children know precisely what the deal is when it comes to important colors. They know, for instance, that in terms of traffic crossings, red means stop and green means go.

Communication with colors is the same as communicating with pictures. It’s an easy way to get the point across. In fact, in the great sport of bullfighting, something red is worth way more information than a bunch of words, No set of words can make a bull come after you better than the color red, being waived endlessly in their faces.

So, colors can be used to communicate problems with hardware and software involved in technology as well. In many cases, they follow the same pattern. When you are in a group chat with friends, it will often be a green sign that means you are online. When you or someone in the chat is offline, there will be a red sign that means they are unavailable to speak.

In regards to your internet router, colors mean something as well. In the case of Verizon, if you have a yellow light on your router, that is how you say, “No Bueno.” It means the internet connection that you are relying on isn’t available.

But, please be assured that you can correct this problem relatively quickly. First, you need to understand why it’s yellow and how you can fix it. If you are in your office and have a deadline, relax, this guide should be able to help you through. Here are some of the reasons your Verizon Router might be yellow and how to fix them.

2 Lights, 1 is Blinking

We now know that a yellow light on your Verizon router means that there are issues with the current internet connectivity. However, not all yellow lights are the same.

If the light is solid yellow, you know that there is no internet connection at all. If the light is blinking, it means that you are connected to the internet; however, there is an issue between your router and extender.

If you are using an extender to improve the internet coverage in a location, then you might see this blinking light more than often. This means that the problem lies in how close your extender is to your router. The faster the light blinks, the better the connection probably is.

If you are suffering from a solid yellow light, meaning the router isn’t connected to the internet whatsoever, you should check the following.

Restart your Router

Like most things tech-related, sometimes the easiest solution is simply to restart or reboot everything. A reboot’s clean slate will allow you to go into the problem with fresh eyes. If this doesn’t work, then you know it must be another problem.

Here is how to reboot your Verizon router.

  1. Turn off and disconnect your router. Make sure it’s 100% off.
  2. After some time, turn the router back on. You should be able to locate the switch relatively easily.

If the light is now white, you are good to go. You are connected to the internet with no problem. However, if the light is still yellow, you know you still have some issues.

Disconnect Your Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable is the cable that connects your router to your main internet connection. In many cases, this is in the wall very close to your router. The internet service provider who installed this system should be able to point it out if you have questions.

Much as you reset the whole router, this is a bit similar. Here is what to do.

  1. Disconnect your Ethernet Cable.
  2. Disconnect your Router.
  3. Plug the router back in and wait for the green light.
  4. Plug the cable back in.

If it’s a problem with the cable, you should see a white light like when you reboot it, and it functions correctly. If this doesn’t work, then it’s not a problem with your ethernet cable.

Try and Reset Your Router

Just like you can reboot the hardware on your router, you can also reboot the software. Everyone who has had a smartphone or another modern-day device will be familiar with the term “Factory Settings.” This term means that you are setting your router back to the original software that it came out within the factory.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Find the reset button on the back. Look in the manual if you don’t know how to find it.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Wait for the router to reboot.

If the issue was with the settings on the router, you should have solved the problem. If the light is still yellow, then you are having some other difficulties.

Make Sure the Ethernet Cable Is Set Up Properly

As mentioned previously, the ethernet cable that is connecting your router with the cables installed by your internet service provider is crucial.

Check to make sure there are two ethernet cables connected to the back of the box. You can play around and plug and unplug like the strategy when unplugging. Make sure that the connections are secure and that the cables are not significantly damaged.

If Nothing Else Works, Take it In

Sometimes there is a problem that you cannot do yourself; We know it’s annoying because its’ terrible spending hours trying to do something yourself and then admitting failure. What exactly did you spend all that time doing, you may ask?

If this is the case, you might either call Customer Support or take your router to the shop you purchased it at. It might be a problem with the microchips or semiconductors inside. It might be a problem with damage to the connections or ports. Either way, this is the last case scenario in which you cannot do this yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The router is yellow, but the light is blinking; what does this mean?

If the router light is blinking, it means you are connected, but the connectivity is not great. Skip back to the first part of this article, where we explain what that means.

The router light is white, but I’m still having problems.

If this is the case, it probably doesn’t have anything to do with your internet connection. Instead, it probably has something to do with your computer or device — Google how to troubleshoot the device for poor internet connection, which should help.

I’m Using a Different Router, not Verizon.

If you are using another router, then the basic structure should be the same as most internet routers. You should have cables in the back, an electricity source, and a reset. However, this article is only valid for Verizon routers so any other router might be slightly different.

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