Why Won’t My iPhone Camera Focus?


Many people prefer iPhones because of their powerful resolution for taking lovely photos. However, you will take excellent pictures if your camera can focus, and otherwise, the camera gives blurry images that you won’t love.

Commonly, the issue of the camera not focusing is rampant on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4s. The problem can result from the collection of dust or dirt particles on the iPhone’s camera lens. In that case, all you need is a simple wiping of the lens, and everything works as usual. 

However, you can have a clean and clear camera lens but have an unfocused iPhone camera. This article will uncover other potential causes as to why your iPhone camera won’t focus. Further, we will match the corresponding best solution for every reason. So, let’s hop in.

iPhone Case Obscuring

A phone casing is essential since it makes the phone look stylish. Moreover, it protects the phone against damage if you accidentally drop it. However, the case can work against you by blocking the camera lens or flashes when taking photos.

Usually, if the casing has attachments, it will likely cause overshadowing. Moreover, some metallic cases create magnetic fields which interfere with the camera’s focusing abilities. 

Therefore, consider removing the phone casing if your iPhone is not focusing, and it may solve the issue. But if it persists, consider the next possible cause.

Auto Exposure and Auto Focus Turned On

Auto exposure (AE) and autofocus (AF), when turned on, can cause the camera to fail to focus. Remember, these features help focus on a given section in the photo. Therefore, your photos appear blurred if they fall outside the AF/AE set section.

So, you need to turn off the AE/AF features. That will allow the camera lens to focus on the whole section of its view. To do so, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Launch the Camera app.
  2. Tap and hold the screen once the camera app opens. The AE/AF feature will automatically turn off.

Dislocation of Camera Lens and Focal Point

In some cases, the camera lens may be stuck inside the phone, thus resulting in the inability to focus. This problem results when you carelessly handle the lens, causing it to dislocate from its set position.

Tapping the rear camera lens can help you solve the problem. However, make sure the tapping is gentle and careful to prevent breaking the lens.

Outdated iOS

If you are using an expired iOS, you can experience system failures, one of them being the camera not focusing well. An outdated iOS is susceptible to security vulnerabilities and software bugs. As a result, they attack various phone systems, causing them to function poorly.

Therefore, consider checking if you are using an updated iOS if you have issues with your iPhone camera not focusing. Consequently, you need to update the iOS if it is expired. 

Unless you have set auto-update, use the following steps to update your phone’s iOS.

  1. Open Settings and go to “General“.
  2. Locate “Software Update” and click on it.
  3. Click on “Download and Install” on your screen.

Insufficient Memory

Your mobile camera operates okay with enough RAM, but your phone constantly bugs when the memory is full, resulting in the camera not focusing. 

To bypass the camera not focusing due to insufficient memory, you need to restart your phone. You will free up extra space, thus making it easy for the camera to focus. Further, the approach eliminates software bugs and glitches that could also result in the camera not focusing.

Here are the steps to factory reset your phone in this scenario.

  1. Go to Setting, then select “General“.
  2. Select “Reset“.
  3. Tap the “Erase Phone” command that appears.
  4. The above step prompts you to add your phone password. Enter it and confirm to complete the reset process.

Make sure you backup all your vital files on iCloud. Otherwise, you will lose everything in your device at the end of the procedure.

Poor Photography Skills

If you have poor photography skills, you will have problems focusing the iPhone’s camera. Having basic photography knowledge before doubting any other causes for the camera not focusing will help in ruling out sources of the problem.

For instance, your standing position and how you hold the iPhone matter significantly. Make sure you stand in a fixed place and avoid unnecessary movements. Also, keep the camera at a central position that is not too far or too close to the objects. 

Further, ensure your fingers don’t block the camera lens. Instead, you can use selfie sticks to avoid blocking the camera lens with your fingers.

Manufacturer Defects

Suppose none of the above reasons is causing the camera not to focus. In that case, the problem could be due to manufacturing defects. It happens if manufacturers use a poor camera lens that can’t give better focus. Moreover, there are chances that the lens was already broken prior to the purchase of the iPhone.

Try returning the phone to an Apple store near you. If the phone is under warranty, they will consider replacing your defective device.

Final Words

With the information we’ve shared, we hope you can determine why your iPhone camera won’t focus to find the corresponding solution.

If the problem persists after several attempts of trying all the solutions, consider returning the phone to an Apple store for them to solve your problem.

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