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Why You Shouldn’t Major in Computer Science

Computer Science

Most organizations these days are searching and looking over results for programmers who can deliver results as fast as possible. The main aim of an organization is to make a profit and expand, no matter the type of workers it has. There have been testimonies of companies that ignored computer science graduates and went on to hire some math-savvy guys and physicists, and yet their companies still expanded. The degrees are not the problem; it’s just that they won’t solve the problems the company already has. So what are some good reasons why you should not major in computer science?

Quick Answer

Computer science is an adventurous course, but there are many reasons not to major in it. For example, many computer science professors are not programmers but mathematicians, and using mathematical models takes you the wrong way, among several downsides. 

These reasons above may tally in one way or another with what you have in mind, but you need to understand better why you should not major in computer science. In this article, you will get enough reasons with explanations on why not to focus on computer science. Let’s get started right away. 

Some Reasons Not To Major in Computer Science

After reading through the reasons below, computer science is a very good course for you to study, but you will get to understand why computer science is not a course you should major in.

Reason #1: The Theories Confuse and Distract

At heart, a lot of computer scientists are mathematicians. A theoretician once said all programs are mathematical proofs and vice versa in his mind. Theoreticians are mostly obsessed with that tiny detail that confounds simple algorithms, which are rarely noticed in day-to-day activities.

Anybody majoring in computer science that doesn’t take theoretical studies seriously may give up when a perfect answer is at hand. 

Reason #2: Academic Languages Are Not Frequently Used

Don’t be surprised to know that the love for solutions that are arcane and also breed snobbery is encouraged by the academy. One day I asked a graduate of MIT his best language, and he proudly told me he was very sure I won’t know what it was. After pressing a bit, he confessed it was CLU. He’s more interested in proving the code is correct than delivering the code that works. 

Many people obsessed with languages have great ideas, but they sometimes create confusion. When a team member loves a specific odd feature and includes it in a code base, everyone else will have to learn it before it can be used. Time would be wasted if everyone was to do the same thing. That’s why when Google built Go, they decided to use the low road because it has few constructs and is easy to learn in no time. This helped all their workers know their core well.

Reason #3: Many Computer Science Professors Are Not Programmers but Mathematicians

One of the deep secrets of most computer science departments is that their professors can’t program computers themselves. Though it’s very surprising, the truth is they just give lectures. Most of them tried to program the last time they were still in school before graduating. 

Reason #4: Required Subjects Are Barely Used

The main topic of second-course students in computer science is mostly data structures. We barely use data structures anymore because it’s easy to make mistakes. Instead, it’s the database that thinks for us. Compilers are essential, but most students are forced to create toy versions. Apple itself used the tool, stock open source, when making Swift.

Reason #5: Mathematical Models Take Us in the Wrong Way

If you have learned database theory, you would have discovered the Boyce-Codd normal form, where data structures are broken down into smaller tables. It’s very efficient and elegant. Many developers’ teams have learned to stick the data in one table. It is somehow wasteful and ugly, but it’s extremely fast. 

Reason #6: Arrogance Is Bred by Institutions

In a moving field, like we have these days, it’s hard to know what’s right. Graduates most times argue with superior authority because of the academic degrees they have gotten. 

Reason #7: Modern Skills Are Usually Ignored

Many departments don’t cover many modern skills; they mostly cover the average curriculum. Most schools’ course lists, on average, concentrate on the fundamentals. The computer science department would find it common to produce thinkers who understand some challenges without knowing the details that dominate the employee’s day. That is why most companies hire someone who massages data streams from an instrument on python.

Reason #8: It’s Long in Arriving at the Academic Edge

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the rages; many are running to try them. But the CS departments have studied them for decades. It makes sense to investigate all the ideas from schools today or wait until they are ready for use. 

Reason #9: Complacency Can Be Bred by Tenure

Many reasons are behind tenure institutions, and many professors that enjoy its full protection deserve all the benefits of their contributions. Nowadays, students don’t need insights from a decade ago. But still, tenure has guaranteed many professors that they will be many years past the days they had greater insights. Some distractions might lead the professors away.

Key Takeaway

Computer science is a very good course for you to study, but the reasons above are why you should not major in computer science.


It’s best if you major in a course you are passionate about. And if you have the flare for computer science, then major in it. But if not for the sake of passion, then hopefully, these reasons in this guide should convince you that majoring in computer science is something you should not do.

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